FFXIV: How to Catch an Island Stag in Island Sanctuary

Snag yourself a Stag.

Final Fantasy XIV’s new 6.2 content patch dropped on August 23, and introduced a wide selection of new content for all Warriors of Light to enjoy, with one of the most anticipated features being the new Island Sanctuary. Packed full of resources to gather, tools to craft, workshops to construct, crops to cultivate, and more – there’s much work to be done to turn your empty island into a production powerhouse. Of course, your Island Sanctuary wouldn’t be very lively without wildlife roaming around every corner, and with the use of restraints and nets, you can even capture them and tend to them on your pasture. One of the more rare animals you might see roaming around is the Island Stag, and catching one can be tricky. Read on to learn how to catch an Island Stag in FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary.

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Capturing Animals in FFXIV Island Sanctuary

Stags aren’t stagnant, and you’ll need more than your bare hands to nab one of these rare animals in the wild. Because the Island Stag is considered a Medium-sized animal, the starting Makeshift Net won’t do – you’ll need to reach Rank 6 and craft yourself a Makeshift Restraint to catch this one. In order to make one, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 3 Island Hemp
  • 1 Island Copper Ore

Once you’ve got yourself a Makeshift Restraint, you can enable Capture mode and select it as your tool of choice.

Capturing the Island Stag – Time and Location

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Because the Island Stag is a rare spawn, they will only show up during the hours of 6 PM to 9 PM Eorzean Time. Travel to the north side of The Wilds region towards an elevated hill around the (X: 20, Y: 20) coordinates during the specific window of time to find the Island Stag. Come rain or shine, you should see the rare animal there, as the type of weather won’t affect the chance of them spawning.

Approach the Island Stag and use the Makeshift Restraint on them and, if successful, you’ll catch them and send them instantly back to your pasture at your base of operations. Make sure to tend to the Island Stag’s needs, keeping them well-fed and their mood levels high, as doing so will have them drop Sanctuary Fur leavings for you to collect once daily.

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