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FFXIV Island Sanctuary: How to Get Island Hemp

It's legal now.

by Jesse Vitelli

While roaming around your Island Sanctuary, you’ll notice all sorts of materials you can gather and use to craft and build different items. Some of these materials can be more difficult to come by than others. Luckily, we’re here to help you find everything you need. Here’s how to get Island Hemp in FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary: How to Get Island Hemp

You will not be able to harvest Island Hemp until you reach sanctuary rank 6 and craft the Islekeep’s Copper Scythe, which costs the following materials.

  • 3 Island Log
  • 3 Island Clay
  • 4 Island Copper ore

Once you’ve crafted this item, you’ll be able to use it to chop down the Agave plants littering the island. The best spot to find Island Hemp is on the island’s eastern side (X: 28.4, Y:24.7). Here, you’ll find a healthy amount of Island Hemp (about 6 or 7 bushels). They take a little bit of time to respawn, so you can roam around the rest of the island looking for some, but no other spot will have a concentrated amount like this.

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Island Hemp is used to renovate your Workshops and Granaries as well as craft larger nets to capture average-sized animals. You’ll need a lot of it, so you’ll want to come to this spot as often as possible to keep farming Island Hemp.

Always keep your eyes peeled for these big green bushes and make sure you’re in the gather mode in the menu otherwise, you won’t see any. Your production lines are counting on you.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get Island Hemp. For more FFXIV Island Sanctuary, check out our other guides on finding Island Copper Ore, Island Prisms, and how to capture an Island Stag.

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