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FFXIV: How to Get Island Prisms

Get those Island prisms to customize your island, baby.

by Jesse Vitelli

If you’re like me, you love to decorate anything in FFXIV, from glams to housing items. With Island Sanctuary, a whole new level of customization and expressions has been unlocked. If you want to customize your island though, you’re going to need quite a few Island Prisms to do the trick. Here’s how to get Island prisms in FFXIV.

FFXIV: How to Get Island Prisms

First, you can buy them directly on the Market Board, but that’s expensive, especially if you’re doing this early and people are taking the most advantage of the price gouging. So if you don’t feel like dropping hundreds of thousands of Gil to decorate your island, you’ll need to find another way.

Luckily if you have a Disciple of the Hand skill, you can craft these suckers. The recipe for Island Prisms will change depending on which Disciple of the Hand class you use. For instance, it will always be 2 Clear Prisms and 3 of another material.

Weaver’s need Almasty Serge, but all materials can be purchased on the Market Board for a much cheaper price than the prisms themselves. If you have a Disciple of the Land class, you can also gather the needed materials if they are high enough.

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Island Prisms are a level 90 craft, so you’ll need to be max level to be able to make them yourself. Otherwise, you’re stuck using the Market Board, and hopefully, the prices will go down.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get Island Prisms. If you’re venturing into patch 6.2, check out how to find Island Copper Ore and all of the Weaver Master Recipes for level 10.

You’ll also need Ultralight Tomestones to get your weapon to rank up with the latest gear.

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