FFXIV Island Sanctuary: How to Customize Your Hideaway

Build the home and island you've always dreamed of!

Island Sanctuary in FFXIV is all about making the island your own. You get to choose what crops to grow, what facilities to make, and the layout of your buildings. Of course, this is one level of customization, but there are others. Here’s how to customize your Hideaway in FFXIV.

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FFXIV Island Sanctuary: How to Customize Your Hideaway

Once you’ve upgraded your Cozy Cabin to level 2, which you can do by interacting with the facility board in front of the building and depositing the required materials, it will change its appearance.

Now, you can choose to revert the appearance of the building to its original state without losing the bonuses gained from upgrading. The same goes for all aspects of your island. If you want to keep the rocky slopes instead of the nice wooden stairs, you can do that.

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You can enter the customization menu by interacting with the log board out front. It will pull up the menu above; you can change all of your options, and they will expand further over time. You’ll need Island Prisms to change the aesthetic, so either grab them off the Market Board or craft them. Any class can make them as long as you have the required materials.

Feel free to experiment and see which setting creates the atmosphere you’re looking for. As you continue to level up the facilities, island, and your rank, you’ll open up new and exciting options for building the Island Sanctuary of your dreams. Just keep progressing and seeing what’s out there.

That’s everything you need to know about how to customize your Hideaway in FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary. While you’re here, check out how to find Island Copper Ore and how to travel to other players’ islands.

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