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FFXIV: FATE Grinding Guide from Levels 1 to 90

The ultimate guide for the ultimate grind.

Final Fantasy XIV offers plenty of ways to level up the 20 different jobs available to play, and for good measure, since the maximum level is 90 at the time of the Endwalker expansion. That’s a lot of grinding! One of the oldest and most traditional ways to increase that experience bar is by FATE grinding, which began all the way back in A Realm Reborn.

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In this guide, we’ll go over the different types of FATEs in Final Fantasy XIV, which are the most beneficial, and which zones you should be grinding in to get the best results. Continue reading for our FFXIV FATE Grinding Guide.

FFXIV – FATE Leveling Guide From A Realm Reborn to Endwalker

Before we begin, check out some general information on FATEs below:

  1. Benefits of FATE Grinding
  2. Types of FATEs
  3. Tips for FATE Grinding
  4. Twist of Fate and Other Buffs

When you’re ready for the grind, select your level range below:

  1. Levels 1-50
  2. Levels 50-60
  3. Levels 60-70
  4. Levels 70-80
  5. Levels 80-90

Other methods to level up quickly:

  1. Duty Roulette
  2. Dungeon Spamming
  3. Deep Dungeons
  4. Main Scenario and Side Quests
  5. Job Level Boosts

1. Benefits of FATE Grinding

FATEs, or Full Active Time Events, are limited-time group events that constantly spawn in every open zone. They’ll consist of different tasks to complete, such as killing groups of enemies, killing bosses, collecting materials, or defending objectives, and are meant to be taken on together by groups of players.

FATEs are just one of many ways to level up your jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, but they’re certainly not the most efficient source. Though FATE grinding can become tedious, there are still several reasons as to why you’d want to choose them to farm experience points:

  • FATEs are simple and quick, requiring slightly less focus to complete with a group. They’re a perfect mindless activity to participate in while you’ve got your favorite movie playing on another screen.
  • Completing normal FATEs will sometimes spawn very rare FATEs which, if completed, will reward special currencies to obtain exclusive rewards like mounts, cosmetics, and minions.
  • Beginning in Shadowbringers zones, the Shared FATE system was introduced, which serves as a progression system for each individual zone. Completing FATEs will increase your rank within that zone while rewarding you Bicolor Gemstones, a special currency that can be exchanged for exclusive rewards and materials.

2. Types of FATEs

Currently, there are five different types of FATEs in FFXIV. We’ll prioritize them below from most efficient (quickest to complete) to least efficient:

Kill Boss – The objective is to kill one boss-type enemy. Depending on the number of participants, these FATEs can be completed very quickly, and should be prioritized first above others.

Kill Enemies – The objective is to kill waves of normal enemies until the bar is filled. Players can spam AoE damaging and healing spells to mindlessly complete this FATE in short time.

Collect – The objective is to pick up and turn in special items to the marked NPC. Once a player turns in an adequate amount of items for a Gold rating (around 8-12), they can leave this FATE and move to the next, and will receive credit once the timer runs out.

Defend – The objective is to defend a specific object or NPC for a certain amount of time. These FATEs will only be completed once the timer runs out, and thus cannot be hastened by other players.

Escort – The objective is to escort an NPC to a designated location(s). Like Defend FATEs, these can only be completed once the NPC reaches the final destination, and therefore are slower FATEs to complete.

In typical FATE grinding parties, groups will prioritize Boss and Enemy FATEs first, Collect FATEs next, and will usually ignore Defend and Escort FATEs.

3. Tips for FATE Grinding

  • Join or form a party. Grouping up with others is the easiest way to ensure you’ll receive a Gold medal for each FATE. Use /shout chat to look for FATE parties, or use the in-game Party Finder tool to team up with others.
  • Have flying mount access. Being able to fly around a zone, as opposed to being stuck to the ground, is imperative for FATE grinding, and will prevent you from being left in the dust and missing out on participation.
  • Use your job’s strengths to your advantage to maximize participation.
    • Tanks should spam their AoE skills to generate as much enmity from as many enemies as possible.
    • Healers can quickly tag enemies with their instant-cast spells, and spam AoE heals on their party.
    • DPS can help tag enemies and spam their AoE skills to maximize damage output.

4. Twist of Fate and Other Buffs

For FATEs in zones from Stormblood and further, rare enemies may spawn that, when killed, will grant participating players the Twist of Fate buff.

During the course of any FATE in these zones, players may see “The smell of death has drawn a Forlorn maiden to the battlefield!” in their chat box. This indicates the spawn of the Forlorn Maiden monster. Defeating the monster will reward all players with the Twist of Fate buff, regardless of whether the FATE was completed or not. When the Forlorn Maiden is defeated, players will see the chat message “The Forlorn maiden dissipates..

In even more rare instances, a tougher monster called The Forlorn can spawn.

The Twist of Fate buff gives players 15% EXP rewards upon completion of the FATE at which it spawned, and that amount increases from 50% (from the Forlorn Maiden) up to 250% (from The Forlorn) for the next FATE players finish.

Additionally, FATEs in zones from Stormblood and beyond can randomly have experience bonuses applied to them. You will notice FATE markers with a special honeycomb-shaped icon attached to them, as well as a message that states “[EXP Bonus Applied]” when hovering over them.

FATE Grinding – Levels 1-50 (A Realm Reborn)

Level RangeZone Name
Levels 1-12Western Thanalan (Horizon)
Central Shroud (Bentbranch Meadows)
Middle La Noscea (Summerford Farms)
Levels 12-20Western La Noscea (Aleport)
Levels 21-30South Shroud (Quarrymill)
Levels 30-35Eastern La Noscea
Levels 35-40Coerthas Central Highlands
Levels 40-45Mor Dhona
Levels 45-50Northern Thanalan
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FATE Grinding – Levels 50-60 (Heavensward)

Level RangeZone Name
Levels 50-53Coerthas Western Highlands
The Sea of Clouds (Southern Area)
The Dravanian Forelands
Levels 53-57The Churning Mists
Levels 57-59The Dravanian Hinterlands
The Sea of Clouds (Northern Area)
Levels 59-60Azys Lla
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FATE Grinding – Levels 60-70 (Stormblood)

Level RangeZone Name
Levels 60-62The Fringes (Northern Area)
The Peaks (Northern Area)
Levels 62-64The Ruby Sea
Levels 64-65Yanxia
Levels 65-67The Azim Steppe
Levels 67-70The Fringes (Southern Area)
The Peaks (Southern Area)
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FATE Grinding – Levels 70-80 (Shadowbringers)

Level RangeZone Name
Levels 70-72Kholusia (Southern Area)
Amh Araeng (Eastern Area)
Levels 72-74Il Mheg
Levels 74-76The Rak’tika Greatwood
Levels 76-77Amh Araeng (Western Area)
Levels 77-79Kholusia (Northern Area)
Levels 79-80The Tempest
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FATE Grinding – Levels 80-90 (Endwalker)

Level RangeZone Name
Levels 80-82Labyrinthos (Northern Area)
Thavnair (Southwestern Area)
Levels 82-84Garlemald
Mare Lamentorum
Levels 84-86Thavnair (Northeastern Area)
Levels 86-88Elpis
Levels 88-89Labyrinthos (Southern Ring)
Levels 89-90Ultima Thule
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Are There Other Ways to Level Up Quickly in FFXIV?

Aside from grinding FATEs, FFXIV provides various ways to level up your jobs. We’ll list some of the best methods below.

Duty Roulette

Using the Duty Finder system in FFXIV is, by far, the most efficient and reliable method of farming experience points on a daily basis. You can repeatedly run any duty roulette activity, but you will only receive a burst of bonus exp once per day per duty. The best duty roulettes to run each day are:

  • Leveling – (requires level 16)
  • Level 50/60/70/80 Dungeons – (requires level 50)
  • Trials – (requires level 50)
  • Main Scenario – (requires level 50)
  • Alliance Raids – (requires level 50)
  • Normal Raids – (requires level 60)
  • Frontline (PVP) – (requires level 30)

Additionally, completing Duty Roulettes will reward you with valuable tomestones that can be used to purchase current iLvl gear and weapons.

Dungeon Spamming

If you’re able to form your own light party, repeatedly completing the highest available dungeon for your current level is a very efficient way to grind for experience points. If you’re unable to form a full group or are playing solo, you should expect longer queue times, especially when playing as a DPS job.

Deep Dungeons

Deep Dungeons, such as Palace of the Dead, Heaven on High, and Eureka Orthos, are another efficient method of farming experience points, and are especially valuable when playing solo as a DPS job. Because Deep Dungeons do not require the typical light party formation (tank, healer, two damage dealers), queue times tend to be much shorter no matter which role you enter in as.

  • Palace of the Dead (requires level 17)
  • Heaven on High – (requires level 61)
  • Eureka Orthos – (requires level 81)

Main Scenario and Side Quests

The Main Scenario questline will reward you with massive amounts of experience points. However, because it can only be completed one time, it’s not exactly the most reliable method of leveling up.

Side quests are scattered everywhere in Eorzea, and while they do reward experience points and gil, they aren’t very efficient or reliable for leveling up. Like the Main Scenario quests, most side quests can only be completed one time.

Purchasing a Job Level Boost (One Hero’s Journey)

Square Enix sells level boosts for most jobs in the game through the FFXIV Online Store, usually priced at $25.00 USD. These will often go on sale at a discount. Purchasing a One Hero’s Journey boost will provide the following:

  • (1) Tales of Adventure Book – using will boost the respective job to the minimum level of the current expansion
  • (50) Allagan Platinum Pieces – can be sold for 10,000 gil each, totalling 500,000 gil
  • Cryptlurker’s Accessories Coffer – can be used to obtain five pieces of iLvl 530 accessories

We hope you’ve enjoyed our comprehensive guide on FATE grinding! For more information on Final Fantasy XIV, check out our other guides and tips here at Prima Games.

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