FFXIV: How to Visit Other Players’ Island Sanctuaries

Exploring is always better with a pal.

Island Sanctuary in FFXIV lets you live out your vacation dreams. Hang out with your minions, plant and harvest your own crops, and even build different cozy facilities around the island. You can customize it to fit your vibe and layout all of the various buildings to make it your own. Your friends can even come to visit you and take a trip to theirs. Here is how to visit other players’ Island Sanctuaries.

FFXIV: How to Visit Other Players’ Island Sanctuaries

If you want to visit another player’s island, you must see Baldin in the Moraby Drydocks (X: 24.9, Y: 34.8). This is found in Lower La Noscea. Once you talk to him, you’ll have two different options. You can either go to your Island Sanctuary or visit a friend’s sanctuary.

Choose the “Acquaintance” Option, which will allow you to travel to a friend’s or Free Company members’ island if they have it open.

This will then pull up the friends or members online and have their island set to open. You can only travel to someone’s island if they’re currently on it themselves, so you’ll need to coordinate with friends if you want to stop by.

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Once you select another player’s island, you’ll be teleported there, and you can roam around and see what they have done with the place.

The other important piece of information is if you want players to travel to your island, you’ll need to do the set of tutorial quests around your sanctuary. This will unlock the ability to have other players over your island. So be sure to do those right away.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to visit other players’ Island Sanctuaries. If you haven’t yet, check out how to get Island Copper Ore and our list of Weaver Master Recipes.

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