How to Unlock Island Sanctuary in FFXIV 6.2

Wanna get away for a while?

Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 6.2 has finally released, and with it comes a plethora of new content for all types of players to enjoy. Possibly the most anticipated new activity in 6.2 is the arrival of the Island Sanctuary, a little private slice of paradise that players can develop, cultivate, and roam through for various rewards like minions and mounts. Players can even choose up to 40 of their own minions to wander around the island with them or invite their in-game friends to come and visit as well. Dress lightly, because it’s time to get to work — Here’s how to unlock Island Sanctuary in FFXIV 6.2.

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Unlocking Your Sanctuary

To unlock Island Sanctuary, travel to Old Sharlayan and pick up the level 1 quest “Seeking Sanctuary” from the Clueless Crier (X: 11.9, Y:11.0) just slightly east from the main aetheryte crystal. Though only a level 1 quest, players must first complete the Endwalker MSQ as a pre-requisite before being able to accept it.

After a short cutscene, you’ll need to travel to the Moraby Drydocks in Lower La Noscea (X: 24.9, Y: 34.8) to speak with Baldin, who will ferry you over to your new island.

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You’ve arrived! Speak with Tataru to get started on your adventure. Though you will find yourself crafting and gathering on your Island Sanctuary, you don’t actually need to unlock any Disciples of Hand or Disciples of Land jobs. You can enjoy and complete your visions on your island as any job at any level.

Get Me Outta Here.. For Now!

Leaving your Island Sanctuary is as easy as leaving any other zone in Final Fantasy XIV – simply teleport out, use your Return skill, or use the boat for the Moraby Drydocks (X: 9.2, Y: 28.3) for a more traditional way to leave.

To return to your Island Sanctuary later, travel back to the Moraby Drydocks and speak with Baldin again. This will be your primary method of sailing back to your island to continue your vision.

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Island Sanctuary introduces a fun, relaxing way to enjoy the more peaceful side of Eorzea. When you’re not out saving the world, make sure to give yourself a little vacation time at your island – and don’t forget the sunscreen.

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