FFXIV: How to Get the Magitek Jacket

When magic and technology combine, we get fashion

FFXIV Magitek Jacket

Final Fantasy XIV has a good way of balancing its technological, RPG-esque equipment pieces with some modern, casual clothing without breaking immersion, to the point where the contrast seems like it’s almost natural. Some pieces like the Magitek Jacket can bring the best of both worlds together by making an awesome piece combining those different aesthetics.

The hardest part is actually getting those pieces in your Armory Chest, so here’s how you can get that awesome jacket into your collection

Where to Get the Magitek Jacket in FFXIV

The Magitek Jacket is available through the in-game Online Store for $15.00 as part of the Magitek Attire. Despite being introduced in the 6.4 patch, it took a while before it was actually made available for players. This is common for new patch items, as they’re supposed to be introduced during an event or through some different method at a later date.

You can check how this glamorous jacket and its complementary clothing pieces look in the video below by The Phookas (already at the correct timestamp):

Judging by its stylish looks and knowing this is the exact type of fashion that a huge part of fans would love to use, it was easy to imagine that this would be the case with the whole Magitek items. Whenever you see something like that, be ready to open your wallet if you really want to look stylish. If those items are supposed to be crafted set, they are immediately available following the update in which they’re introduced.

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Similar alternatives to the Jacket include the Uraeus Coat or the Urban Coat, which can give a similar feel to the piece. It’s not an exact match as the Magitek Jacket doesn’t share its model with anything else, but it gives off almost the same feel. If you’re looking for a more comfy look, you can go with the already available Pajama items, which will require the rare Malake Karpasos item.

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