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FFXIV: Where to Get Malake Karpasos

For sewing your comfy pajamas

by Patrick Souza

Crafting your own new glamour pieces gives out one of the most satisfying feelings in FFXIV. You’re an independent grown-up now who doesn’t need the Market Board at all! Ok, we still need it for rare materials such as the Malake Karpasos, which is used when making any of the pajama pieces introduced in Patch 6.4, The Dark Throne.

They are usually going out for millions in most Worlds, so if you’re really digging those pajamas, your best bet would be to personally farm for them. But where can you do it? Here’s where to get Malake Karpasos in FFXIV.

Where to Obtain Malake Karpasos in FFXIV

Malake Karpasos is a random drop obtained from the 8-man Lvl 90 Timeworn Ophiotauroskin Maps. After successfully completing one of the map’s dungeons challenges, you have a small chance to see this rare cloth as one of the rewards. The whole party has their own shot at rolling for it, so good luck with your dice numbers.

It’s currently unknown if the Kumbhiraskin maps also have this cloth as a drop, so it’s safer to go with the Ophiotauroskin ones to be 100% sure. Since there are various rare drops to be obtained from those maps, it might take a while before you start seeing some Karpasos dropping. Combine it with being a new item with such a huge demand and you get those astronomic prices on the Board. 

Once you get your cloth, use them to craft any of the new Pajama set items or sell them on the Market Board for huge profits. Selling the crafted glamour pieces tends to be better since the remaining materials are quite cheap, but they may take a little bit longer to sell.

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Where to Get Timeworn Maps in FFXIV

Timeworn Maps are mainly obtained with any of the Disciple of the Lands when gathering/fishing on various maps. If you don’t see a Treasure Map, use the Luck of the Pioneer/Mountaineer when gathering with Botanist/Miner to reveal the node’s hidden items, which are usually maps. Any Endwalker zone can get you a Lvl 90 Map, but Ophiotauroskin maps are exclusive to Elpis. You can get one map every 18hr per character.

They can also be bought from the Market Board, but prices tend to rise whenever a new patch arrives and their drops are updated. A single good drop will pay all of your expenses, but you’ll need some good luck.

You can only carry one map of the same type in your inventory, not counting already deciphered maps. However, you can have up to 5 same-type maps consecutively on your character by (1) deciphering a map, (2) keeping one in your Chocobo inventory, (3 and 4) having both your free Retainers holding a map and (5) holding one in your own regular inventory. Having more Retainers means you can have more maps, but also means a more expensive Subscription.

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