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FFXIV: How to Exchange Your Tomestones of Astronomy

Older coins are still somewhat valuable

by Patrick Souza

Tomestones are the core of gearing up a new job in Final Fantasy XIV. The problem is that every few patches, whenever a new Raid Tier drops, some of them will be updated with newer versions, leaving the older ones obsolete. And if you haven’t spent them all before the update drops, too bad. And now they’re useless. Or are they?

The older Tomestones of Astronomy are still useful as they can be recycled into more recent ones. You won’t get the exact amount back, but it’s still better than leaving them collecting dust in your inventory. Here’s what you can do to exchange your Tomestones of Astronomy in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to Exchange Your Old Tomestones in FFXIV

You can exchange your Tomestones of Astronomy for Tomestones of Causality by visiting Auriana at Mor Dhona in (X22.7, Y6.7), the blonde attendant in the middle behind the corner. Select “Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy Exchange” and you can exchange your now useless older Tomestones for some still useful ones.

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Be aware that this is not a direct conversion. There’s a 4:1 ratio when converting older Tomestones, meaning that you only get 1 Tomestone of Causality per 4 Tomestones of Astronomy. If you have 1000 Astronomies, you only get 250 Causalities out of them, for example.

This is done due to balancing purposes. The more recent Tomestones still have various usages in the game, while the older ones lost their value almost completely. They’re not completely useless yet, so exchange them before they are.

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What Should You Do With Causality Tomestones?

The Causality Tomestones are the current “secondary” Level 90 Tomestones you get from Endwalker content, with Comedy Tomestones being the main focus for the best gear in the patch. They can help you get some ilvl 620 to 630 gear, which isn’t the strongest but it’s helpful when gearing a new job.

The secondary Tomestones have varying usages across an expansion’s lifespan. The Causality Tomestones can be used for getting Manderville Weapon-related materials or upgrading crafted equipment to their Augmented versions, for example. More uses are periodically added, so having some spares is a good habit to have.

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