There is excitement brewing in the Destiny 2 community currently with the arrival of the Empyrean Foundation event to mark the nearing of the end for the Season of Dawn. This Empyrean Foundation event tasks players with contributing large amounts of Fractaline to the Tower Obelisk to help build a beacon that will be the foundation for new content arriving in Destiny 2 next season. Now, Guardians will need to build up an ample supply of Fractaline reserves to help the entire community meet the required goals for all seven stages of the Empyrean Foundation event. Fortunately, we have gathered some ways you can farm this material to help in the community effort. 

Destiny 2 Fractaline Farm

Players can farm Fractaline by completing a variety of different activities that are available in the world of the popular looter-shooter from Bungie. These activities include weekly Obelisk bounties, daily bounties from Saint-14, completing triumphs for the Season of Dawn, and completing Sundial activities. 

The Tower Obelisk will also be a farm source of Fractaline for the Empyrean Foundation event. This Tower Obelisk will award Guardians with extra Fractaline every week of the event, depending on its resonance level. This resonance level for the Tower Obelisk can be increased by upgrading any of the four other Obelsisks found in Destiny 2. You will be wise to upgrade the four other Obelisks as much as possible before making any donations to the Tower Obelisk to help maximize the payoff of your Fractaline farm. 

 Destiny 2 Fractaline Farm

It will take a community-driven effort to farm as much of this material as possible to reach all of the donation goals for all seven stages of the Empyrean Foundation event and make sure the beacon is built for next season. 

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