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Bungie Is Working On a New “Comedic” IP

by Liana Ruppert

While Destiny 3 is still very much in the cards, it looks like Bungie is flexing their newfound freedom with a new “comedic” IP on the horizon. While Destiny has gotten infinitely darker through the years, especially with Forsaken and Shadowkeep (y i k e s), this franchise still had its light-hearted moments. Cayde-6 was largely responsible for the levity, but it looks like the studio behind the space shooter is looking to get back into the comedic way of life – at least according to a recent job listing. 

“Are you on a mission to create games that bond players together into deeply invested communities,” asks the latest job posting for an Incubation Art Director over on the Bungie job boards. “Would you like to work on something comedic with lighthearted and whimsical characters? Do you think a lot about how art impacts gameplay, how character design can enable fan cosplays, or how character poses and environments speak to different cultures all around the world?

“As the Incubation Art Director, you will define the look of a new Bungie IP and work on all aspects of art to guide a prototype on the path to production. Most importantly, you will work with a fun, dedicated, and passionate cross-discipline team devoted to making a new franchise at Bungie.”

Lighthearted and whimsical? A brand new franchise? Yes, please! While the studio hasn’t announced what their mysterious new project is quite yet, it certainly sounds intriguing and a fresh start for a lot of the devs – especially the ones that have endured numerous changes throughout the years regarding various publisher support with the most recent being Bungie’s separation from Activision. 

The listing also asks for knowledge of working within the competitive gaming landscape, which offers another clue as to what could be given such a heavy focus on online play and live-service games currently flooding the market. While we don’t know exactly what’s on the horizon, it’s exciting to know that something new is on the horizon. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see an epic reveal later this Summer when expo season fully kicks off. 

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