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Fall Guys Xbox Controls Guide: Full Controls Guide

Master the controls to win that crown.

by Jesse Vitelli

Fall Guys lets you take on these little bean characters and run through a game show-style battle royale. It’s cute, quirky, and incredibly stressful as you try to claw your way to the top. You’ll need to master every stage and obstacle in your way if you want to win the coveted crown in every match. Here are the Fall Guys controls for Xbox.

Fall Guys Xbox Controls Guide

If you want to win every round, or at least make it by the skin of your teeth, you’re going to need to make sure you know all of the controls and can use every tool at your disposal. So here is a list of all of the controls for the Xbox version of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout.

  • Move: Left Stick
  • Camera: Right Stick
  • Jump: A Button
  • Dive: X Button
  • Grab: Right Trigger
  • Emote 1: Up on the D-Pad
  • Emote 2: Right on the D-Pad
  • Emote 3: Down on the D-Pad
  • Emote 4: Left on the D-Pad
  • Show Player Names: Left Trigger
  • Walk: Left Bumper (Only during Invisibeans)

Those are all of the controls you’ll need to know for Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. Grabbing is incredibly important not only for pulling players out of the way but also for grabbing onto ledges to pull yourself up. This can be the difference between qualifying for a round or missing it and being eliminated.

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Of course, learning to master the dive is also a key component of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. Diving in the air can give you that little bit of extra push you need to make a large jump, or completely avoid a flying object coming your way.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the Fall Guys Xbox controls. Be sure to check out how to play with your friends if you’re looking to squad up for some wins.

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