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How to Play Fall Guys with Friends on the Nintendo Switch

by Nikola Pajtic

Praised for its chaotic gameplay and visuals, Fall Guys has finally been ported to Nintendo Switch. It was made free-to-play on the popular console on June 21, and fans are already enjoying their time competing in various mini-games with jellybeans. But is there a way to play with friends? Here’s everything you need to know.

Can You Play Fall Guys with Friends on the Nintendo Switch?

Battle royale games have enjoyed success over the years primarily for the ability to play with others. Well, Fall Guys is one of them, as you can add your friends to the match to go head to head for victory.

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However, there are a couple of prerequisites you must do first before you can play Fall Guys with your friends: 

  • Add Friends

Open Epic Games Launcher in your browser and log in to your Epic Games Account. Now, click the Friends icon and select Add Friends option. In the field, type your friends’ Epic Games ID and hit send. 

  • Invite Friends to Your Game

Now that you have made friends through your Epic Games accounts, it is time to add them to your game. Open the in-game friends list, and the usernames of your friends will appear. Then click on the desired username and then on the ‘Welcome Player’ option from the menu, and they will automatically receive an invite to your Fall Guys lobby. 

  • Matchmaking

By now, you should have your friends in your lobby. Now it is time for matchmaking. Press A to start the process.

Unfortunately, there is a limit of four players when it comes to normal matchmaking. However, if you are launching your own custom game, you can add up to 59 friends for total and utter mayhem. Have fun!

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