Fae Farm: How to Upgrade Bag Space

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Fae Farm Skye Location
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Not long after you start Fae Farm you will notice that the bag space leaves much to be desired. With a vast array of items you collect just going about your daily life, the initial space is not enough for even the most basic tasks. You can upgrade your bag space in Fae Farm to alleviate some of the pressure.

How to Increase Inventory Space in Fae Farm

Fae Farm Bag Space Max
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Upgrading your bag space is quite simple as long as you have the Florins. All you have to do is go to the Market Square in the middle of town and talk to Skye. She will sell you a range of items, but most importantly, she is the one who will sell you bag space upgrades. She will sell you multiple bag upgrades. In total, there will be three upgrades that you can purchase. Each one more expensive than the last.

  • Upgrade 1 – 1000 Florins
  • Upgrade 2 – 2500 Florins
  • Upgrade 3 – 8000 Florins

Each upgrade will provide you with an extra row in your bag. So, by the time your bag is fully upgraded, you can hold a whopping 40 items in total. I’m not sure how good that is for your back. But that’s a future hero of Azoria’s problem. At the very least, this upgrade means you can spend significant amounts of time at any activity of your choosing and bring back even more rewards.

Having more inventory space before you spend time in places like Saltwater Mines, Floating Ruins, or Scorched Caverns means that you can make the most out of the quickly passing days and potions needed to enter them. You can’t complain when fewer trips back to storage need to be taken.

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