Fae Farm: How to Make Fireproof Potion

Only a fool plays with fire!

Fae Farm Scorched Caverns
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Now that you have the Floating Ruins dungeon under your belt, you will be no newcomer when it comes to dealing with damage over time mechanics from the dungeon’s environment. Scorched Caverns continues this mechanic as you will not be able to survive very long without a way to survive the overbearing heat. Fortunately, that is relatively easy to do as you can brew a Fireproof Potion in Fae Farm.

How to Survive the Heat and Brew a Fireproof Potion in Fae Farm

Fae Farm Fireproof Potion
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While the outside surrounding areas of the Scorched Caverns look hot, they are safe as long as you don’t decide to take a swim in the pools of lava. It’s only once inside that you will find yourself suddenly in need of a Fireproof Potion to survive and explore.

Like other potions that you have brewed previously, including the Fairbreath Potion, there are three sizes that you can choose to conjure up. Similarly, the difference between these three is how long the effect stays active.

Fireproof PotionMaterials RequiredDuration Active
Small Fireproof PotionFrost Fuzz x2
Snow Flakes x1
Six in-game hours
Medium Fireproof PotionFrost Fuzz x3
Snow Flakes x2
Frog Sweat x2
Nine in-game hours
Large Fireproof PotionFrost Fuzz x4
Snow Flakes x3
Frog Sweat x3
Frosty Beet Bits x2
Fifteen in-game hours

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Fae Farm Snow Flakes
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All the necessary materials for the Fairbreath Potion are crafted from your collected resources. You can craft them from the following:

Fairbreath Potion MaterialsHow to Craft
Frost FuzzUse the Potion Ingredients Station to turn Frost Thistle into Frost Fuzz at a rate of 4:1.
Snow FlakesDeposit ice-themed critters from the Frozen Plateau into the Mountain Critter Conservatory to receive Snow Flakes at a rate of 1:1.
Frog SweatDeposit Frogs and/or Toads into the Lowlands Critter Conservatory to receive Frog Sweat at a rate of 1:1.
Frosty Beet BitsUse the Potion Ingredients Station to turn Frost Beet into Frosty Beet Bits at a rate of 1:3.

Now that you have crafted your Fireproof Potion, you are ready to dive deep into the Scorched Caverns and find out the source of the heat that is threatening Azoria.

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