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Everything You Need to Know About Wuthering Waves Closed Beta

Not to sound like clickbait—but the Release Date just might surprise you!

Kuro Games has been working on Wuthering Waves for a good few years in light of open-world exploration games exploding in popularity, so what’s the big deal with all this news about its upcoming gameplay? Here’s everything you need to know about the hubbub surrounding Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves North American Beta

Just to clarify, the game is not being released publicly any time soon, as we may still be looking at another year at the most to see it opened in a global server. Unlike their previous game, Punishing: Gray Raven, this game looks to be like Genshin Impact, where most of the updates will happen around the same time for players all around the world instead of being separated into a Chinese Server and an American Server. 

The release date of April 24 that everyone is drooling over is actually for the North American Beta Test, which coincidentally happens to land on a rather close date of another big game release. Honkai: Star Rail will be released on April 26, after all. Looks like April is a pretty big month for games of this variety!

To sign up for the beta, you’ll need to pre-register for the game and complete the survey that’ll ask questions about the types of games you have played before that run in line with Wuthering Waves, what level you are in them, how much you spend, and will ask the details of your technical specs. So be sure to study up on the hardware of your PC and Mobile phone to see if you’ll be able to run what may just be a bulky game like Genshin Impact. The beta will sadly be closed for those who signed up and are selected to play the game, but you don’t need to worry about having to wait for information about the game.

Wuthering Waves Gameplay Expectation

It looks like Kuro Games doesn’t seem to mind if you run public with your gameplay or share information about what’s to be expected in it. The best way to get free publicity is if gamers are raving about certain aspects of the game online! That’s why Leaker information is so popular, and it looks like Kuro Games will be using those beta testers to get out news and hype surrounding the game. As mentioned before, Kuro Games will not contact you to keep things private, as you are free to stream and create videos and content about what you may discover in-game without having to worry. So if you see anything interesting and fun, or buggy, be sure to share!

How much can we expect to see in the upcoming beta? So far, all those who have been so privy to be able to play the beta test thus far mostly showcase the combat and unique play style that you’ll experience both in exploring the overworld terrain and when encountering enemies. So far, it seems like Wuthering Waves will have many familiar mechanics such as challenges littered throughout the world, along with side quests, and finding treasure chests to better supply equipment and materials for leveling your characters. 

Will We Be Seeing a Wuthering Waves Story?

My main hype revolves around the story, however. Yeah, there’s certainly a ton that we can look forward to in terms of what the combat is going to look like, and the kinds of feats we can do with our characters, such as the infamous wall climb everyone’s so looking forward to. Given the game developers’ track record, it’s not something I’m worried about, but what has been eluding me in terms of news is what is the game going to be about.

There are many game developers that are coming out with turn-based RPG games and open-world exploration RPG games, but what some of them are lacking the most is a good engaging story. Punishing: Gray Raven is a well-written and choreographed game previously made by Kuro Games and is their biggest accomplishment, I’d say. But in order to tie up everything in a neat ribbon bow that delivers the best kind of gift this April will be if Wuthering Waves can capture the attention with a story direction that is just as captivating as the gameplay combat they’ve been working so hard on. 

In terms of art, world layout, character design, and a dream, we don’t know much if anything about what kind of story they are trying to tell. Kuro has revealed information about the characters that will be participating but with all these puzzle pieces, it’s hard to see the whole picture between the Wutheror, the characters that have been revealed so far, and our Rover. Who has the most infuriatingly basic description of all time..

Awakened with an unknown past, Rover embarks on a journey to uncover the truths.
As secrets are unveiled, Rover establishes deeper connections with the world

– Rover (Kuro Games Wuthering Waves Website)

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Time will only tell which way this direction this game will go, so be sure to join us on April 24 when the beta game releases. If this game seems to be right up your alley, be sure to sign up for being a tester on the Wuthering Waves official website.

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