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Going faster than ever

Sonic Frontiers Birthday Bash Featured

Celebrating the 32nd anniversary of the world’s most famous (and fastest) Hedgehog, the Sonic Central livestream fed up their fans good with tons of new announcements for the franchise, including new games, collabs, and free updates for their current titles, such as Sonic Frontiers.

The newest AAA title in Sonic’s library just received a big free DLC which might be just what you needed to go back to it. After all, New Game + is now a thing! And that’s only the beginning.

All Sonic Frontiers Birthday Bash DLC Content

The celebrative update was distributed for free, and you should probably see a new download starting as soon as you boot up the game. You can now give Sonic a new anniversary drip, while also enjoying new challenges around the game’s areas with brand-new stylish moves.

The Birthday Bash includes:

  • Free festive clothes such as party hats and glasses;
  • New anniversary-themed racing challenges;
  • More special moves such as the Spin Dash;
  • More collectible Kocos in each of the islands;
  • Last but not least, New Game +!
Image via Sega

Available for all of its platforms (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, and PC), the update rolls out for free today and definitely sparks some new life onto an already surprisingly enthralling game. New Game + is the perfect way of enjoying its best moments once again, now with some extra clothes and a few new tricks in your shoes.

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This is truly the best time to be a Sonic fan. Frontiers was just what the franchise needed to prove it was far from dead, and with tons of new games and updates revealed in the showcase, fans of all ages can enjoy going fast with Sonic once again through various media. 

The Sonic Origins Plus update also arrived today, bringing even more games to the classic original title selection, as well as giving Amy a little bit more of the spotlight. And the girl deserves it!

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