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Sonic Frontiers OST Makes Spotify Top Ten Soon After Game Awards Snub

That's twice now Sonic's dunked on Kratos

by Lucas White

The Game Awards aren’t exactly universally loved or respected, but there’s no denying the size and power of its presence. So when Something that feels like a foregone conclusion doesn’t happen at all, it’s still weird. For example, Sonic Frontiers, Sega’s most successful 3D Sonic the Hedgehog in years, being almost entirely absent. Especially absent from the Best Soundtrack award, when the Stillness & Motion album is a shoe-in for GOAT status in the future. But this story does have a happy ending, with recent Spotify stats tossing morning gaming Twitter into a frenzy of confusion and excitement.

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Spotify releases all kinds of statistics throughout the year, as you may know after the online deluge of year-end stats being passed around recently. Today Spotify showed its top ten debut albums of the December 9-11 weekend. SZA’s SOS claimed the top spot, as was pretty much universally expected. But check out the number six album, and you’ll see our Blue Boy. Literally, since the infographic credits the album to Sonic the Hedgehog instead of Sega Sound Team or the individual humans who led the Sonic Frontiers OST.

The replies to this are unhinged

Not to discredit any of the nominees, but clearly there’s something of a disconnect here. And it’s not like The Game Awards had a list of nothing but AAA, extremely expensive orchestrated scores lined up. Metal: Hellsinger was there too. The award description even mentions licensed soundtracks are eligible. And yet, videogame anthem of the year ‘Undefeatable’ didn’t even get a brief nod before yet another award was handed to the large, angry beard man.

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But as we see with this data from Spotify Charts, things worked out in the end. So we’ll send this off with choice words from Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens and the vocals on ‘Undefeatable:’

It’s time to face your fear
‘Cause when your time has come and gone
I’ll bе the one to carry on
And you can throw me to thе wolves
‘Cause I am undefeatable

Lucas White

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