When is the Sonic Frontiers Soundtrack Release Date?

A Sonic soundtrack release is an event, good games or not

Sonic Frontiers has been out long enough for the dust to settle on public perception, and it seems to be mostly good! And recent Black Friday sales ensure only more people will be able to play it. It isn’t for everyone, but one undeniable fact is the game’s soundtrack is a top to bottom buttrock banger. Obviously, this means the soundtrack will be highly sought-after for Sonic fans as soon as it comes out. But when is that, exactly?

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Here’s everything we know about the Sonic Frontiers soundtrack release date. For starters, yes, there is an official album on the way and it does in fact have a release date. And a cool title! The whole package is called Sonic Frontiers Original Soundtrack: Stillness & Motion. Not only does it sound cool in a pretentious music album kind of way, but it’s also thematically appropriate for the game.

This soundtrack comes out in Japan on December 7, 2022. So, very soon! You can preorder it on various import-friendly retailers. This album is a six-disc set comprising a whopping 150 tracks, and comes with a commentary booklet as well. UK publisher Data Discs is also issuing an LP version, with a straightforward release set for December 2022 as well, and an already sold-out special edition coming in February 2023.

If you want to just listen to the Sonic Frontiers soundtrack on streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music, that will be an option as well. Same day, even, as Sonic Frontiers composer announced on Twitter

Sega has had a long history of uploading most Sonic the Hedgehog albums in full on Spotify, but the day and date with the album release is new. I only know this because I may have purchased Sonic Forces: Vocal Traxx on the Edge on iTunes because it wasn’t streaming yet. That album also slaps and was worth every penny.

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