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Everything Announced In the Live Letter for Patch 6.3 Gods Revel Lands Tremble

Patch 6.3 is on the horizon.

by Jesse Vitelli

The Live Letter from the Producer for FFXIV is back, and this time it’s talking about the upcoming Patch 6.3 titled “Gods Revel, Lands Tremble.” If you’re unfamiliar or this is your first Live Letter, this is where the team sits down to discuss the upcoming changes, additions, and upcoming content for the next patch cycle. So if you missed it or just need a refresher, here is everything announced for Patch 6.3.

Everything Announced In the Live Letter for Patch 6.3 Gods Revel Lands Tremble

Starting off, we got the date and title reveal for Patch 6.3 Gods Revel, Lands Tremble will launch sometime in January of 2023. Yoshi-P said that it would be too stressful to try and ship a significant patch right before the holidays, so this one will come slightly later.

As always, thank you to the Final Fantasy XIV Discord for the live-stream translations.

Side Quests

New Sidequests will be added throughout 6.3. This includes new Tataru’s Grand Endeavor, Tales of Newfound Adventure, Hildibrand Adventures, and more.

Hildibrand Adventures will continue in Patch 6.35 to be released after the initial 6.3 content drop.

Manderville Weapons

In Patch 6.35, Manderville Weapons will continue; expect another grind in pursuit of these powerful weapons.

Tribal Quests

The next set of Tribal Quests will focus on everyone’s favorite furry creatures, the Loporrits. This will finally be the Crafter quest line, so make sure your crafters are leveled up and ready to go. These will be added in Patch 6.35

New MSQ Dungeon

We got our first look at the new main scenario quest dungeon titled “Lapis Manalis.” While no in-game footage was shown, we do have this pretty blue screenshot to look at.

New Trial

A new Trial was discussed, but the team is keeping it a secret.

Myths of the Realm Part 2

Patch 6.3 will bring the next installment of the Myths of The Realm Alliance Raid. The team was shocked at how popular the first part of this raid series was. This is the first raid in FFXIV to feature wholly unique characters to XIV.

New Ultimate Duty

After Dragonsong Reprise, fans have been wondering what the next Ultimate would be. It seems like the team is keeping it a secret for now and wouldn’t share any more information on it. It will launch two weeks after 6.3.

Deep Dungeon (Eureka Orthos)

The next Deep Dungeon was announced and will be coming in Patch 6.35. For those who might not know, these are replayable experiences designed around clearing floors of enemies. If you die, you start back at the last floor checkpoint, which is done in increments of 10.

The team took a break from Deep Dungeons in Shadowbringers but is back with Eureka Orthos.

To enter this dungeon, you must have finished Endwalker and cleared Palace of the Dead floor 50. You must be level 81 or above to enter. Everything else is the same as other Deep Dungeons in the game.

Duty Support

Duty Support for Heavensward continues with the following dungeons. Aetherochemical Research Facility is getting a bit of a redesign.

  • The Great Gubal library
  • Sohr Khai
  • The Aetherochemical Research Facility
  • Xelphatol
  • The Antitower
  • Baelsar’s Wall

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Job Adjustments

Paladin rotations will fully change in Patch 6.3. No further information was given on this subject. More details will come in the next Live Letter.

PvP Updates

  • PVP Updates, Series Three begins
  • Season Five Begins Crystalline Conflict
  • New Arena (Kugane Castle) for Crystalline Conflict
  • Cloud Nine will appear less in CC rotation.

Yoshi-P Shows off Sick Jacket

These are not available for purchase.

Crafting and Gathering Updates

There will be Tool enhancement quests that begin in patch 6.35. Sky Steel Hell is back for some reason.

There will be a new Custom Delivery featuring the Pixies of Il-Mheg.

Some smaller updates were also announced.

  • Collectability values will be displayed for reference when gathering collectible items.
  • Primary Fishing locations, preferred bait, and additional conditions will be added to the fish guide.
  • A new Spearfishing location will be added to Upper La Noscea (the first area from ARR to allow diving)

Island Sanctuary

Island Sanctuary will receive major updates every two patches, so the one in 6.3 will be minor comparatively. That being said, a ton of new content is being added.

  • New Sanctuary ranks and Visions
  • New Item Rewards
  • New Materials, crops, animals, and Isleworks Handicrafts
  • New Structures
  • Improved Workshop interfaces (agenda/supply & demand/ Earning Reports
  • Option to collect all available yields/leavings at once
  • Animals under care will also be eligible for release upon a new animal’s capture
  •  Ability to save orchestrion settings
  • Island Visitors will now hear the Iselkeep’s orchestrion.
  • Notifications when visitors arrive on your island

A more major update will happen in Patch 6.4.

Treasure Hunt

New treasure maps are on the horizon, and with that comes an all-new treasure dungeon that will only be accessible from Elpis.

  • New Treasure Dungeon
  • The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon
  • Portal accessible via a new Elpis-Centric Treasure Map

Gold Saucer

  • New Leap of Faith course is being added.

Housing Update

  • Additional wards for all residential areas
  • 6 regular wards + 6 subdivisions (1,800 new plots per World)
  • Planned for sale by lottery

UI Improvements

  • Icons for Damage Type will now display in the battle log and flying text (3 types, Physical, magic, and unique)
  • Being introduced in EVERY past attack/instance of damage as well. Might be some mistakes. 
  • Ability to display remaining time for buffs/debuffs in the party list 

Miscellaneous Updates

  • UI Theme #3
  • Portraits will now display when using the Duty Finder (only party members for 24-person duties) Toggle feature that can be turned off if you like. You can also change the placement of the image. 
  • Expansion of available actions when using Fashion Accessories
  • Ability to cast glamors and dye retainer equipment without removing it
  • Ability to filter newly added items at Sundry Splendors Vendors

That’s everything announced in the Live Letter From The Producer in FFXIV. If you haven’t caught up yet, you still have plenty of time. Just don’t wait too long. If you haven’t checked out Island Sanctuary, be sure to. There are plenty of ways to enjoy FFXIV.