Warframe Tennocon 2023
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Everything Announced at Warframe’s Tennocon 2023

New cosmetics and a whole heap of content on the horizon!

Today, August 26, Warframe hosted its annual Tennocon for 2023. For the uninitiated, Tennocon is a convention held in London, Ontario to celebrate Warframe’s past, revel in its present, and look toward its future. As done consistently, Digital Extremes’ Tennocon Live showcased a ton of announcements for Warframe, including some glimpses of the upcoming game Soulframe. Here’s everything that was announced at Tennocon 2023.

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Everything Revealed at Tennocon 2023

Kicking things off was the new Heirloom Collection of skins, crafted by Warframe’s original art director Mynki. These two skins are part of a new tier of skin and are designed for both Frost and Mag. Purchasing their bundles will also score you some Platinum, Regal Aya, and other assorted cosmetics like Signas, Sigils, and Glyphs.

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October 2023 Brings the Abyss of Dagath Update

Warframe Abyss of Dagath
Image via Digital Extremes.

Set to release at some point during the spookiest month of the year, the Abyss of Dagath update will introduce a new frame, Dagath, sporting a sword and whip. Alongside her comes new Naberus lore, another rework to Hydroid (yes, again), a companion rework, improved focus acquisition, and new accessibility options.

Warframe Comes to Your Pocket Next Year

Warframe Mobile
Image via Digital Extremes.

After a decent bout of silence, Warframe will be coming to iOS on day one with all the same content you know and love. If you pre-order on the iOS App Store now, you’ll also score access to a beautiful red and yellow Syandana (or cape, if you don’t play Warframe already).

Cross Save Will Launch This Year

If you’ve been frustrated by needing to use different accounts when playing Warframe on separate devices, then you’re in luck! Cross save functionality is finally coming before the end of the year, meaning you can try to farm Orokin Cells on PC, get none, then swap to your Xbox and continue that poor RNG streak on the same account.

Soulframe Gets a Fresh Gameplay Demo

Soulframe, the next game by the team at Digital Extremes, received a fresh reveal today with a 30-minute gameplay demo. The game is a much slower form of Warframe’s combat, closer to Duviri’s combat with all sorts of block, parry, and slicing mechanics. It holds a lot of potential.

Whispers in the Walls Comes Knocking This Winter

Warframe Whispers in the Walls
Image via Digital Extremes.

With the New War cleaned up, it’s time for the next phase of Warframe’s ever-expanding storyline. Whispers in the Walls will kick off the first narrative quest of the new story arc, taking us to the underbelly of the Necralisk into the Abandoned Entrati Labs, featuring all sorts of new Necramech foes and some other more hidden secrets. There’s even a book weapon coming, if you’re tired of the space ninja shenanigans and want to become the space mage of your dreams.

Warframe Goes Old School With An Upcoming Retro Update

In an effort to continue its ever-expanding universe, Warframe is going old-school with its upcoming Warframe 1999 update, set to launch in 2024. A black-haired soldier donning bits and pieces of Excalibur’s suit is seen fighting as he chases after the cloaked character seen in the Whispers in the Walls reveal, while donning what appears to be a classic AK-47 and moving through an infested subway station. What this update entails, we don’t know, but it’s easily one of the most exciting parts of the event.

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