How to Get All Prime Relics for Wisp Prime in Warframe

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Warframe Wisp Prime
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She’s finally here, folks! After many long months of waiting in anticipation, Wisp Prime has finally entered Warframe. This support-based frame has been a fan favorite among the community, thanks to how easily her Reservoir buffs can be applied and how other abilities, such as Breach Surge, can nullify an entire room. With the launch of the new Prime, though, you may be wondering where you can snag the relics that drop her parts. Here’s how to get all Prime Relics for Wisp Prime in Warframe.

Where to Get Wisp Prime’s Relics in Warframe

Before we begin, it’s important to note that we won’t list every possible spawn location for these relics. Instead, we’re focusing on the best places to farm them so you don’t waste time. With that said, here’s where you should be farming each relic:

  • Wisp Prime Blueprint (Axi W3 Relic – Rare Reward)
    • Best Places to Farm:
      • Tyana Pass, Mars
      • Hydron, Sedna
      • Circulus, Lua
  • Wisp Prime Chassis (Lith W3 Relic – Rare Reward)
    • Best Places to Farm:
      • Unda, Venus
      • Gabii, Ceres
      • Hepit, Void
      • Stribog, Void
      • Teshub, Void
  • Wisp Prime Systems (Neo D7 Relic – Common Reward)
    • Best Places to Farm:
      • Marduk, Void
      • Ukko, Void
      • Oxomoco, Void
      • Circulus, Lua
      • Piscinas, Saturn
  • Wisp Prime Neuroptics (Meso K6 Relic – Uncommon Reward)
    • Best Places to Farm:
      • Oxomoco, Void
      • Stribog, Void
      • Ukko, Void
      • Helene, Saturn

While you could run any of these locations and easily run into the relics, there is a path that is far better than any other. If you want further guidance, we suggest starting by farming Ukko in the Void, trying to pick up the Neo D7 and the Meso K6. Stribog is a close follow-up to hit both the Meso K6 and the Lith W3. From there, you could round it off with Hydron, Sedna for that Axi W3. You can even farm up some gear in the process.

How to Use the Wisp Prime Relics

With each of the relics in hand, you’ll want to select one of the Void Fissure missions from the Navigation console. From there, select the Relic containing a Wisp Prime part, and level it up depending on the reward you need. If it’s a common reward you need, then don’t level it at all. If it’s a Rare you need, then make the Relic Radiant. You can also run the same Relic with other players to give you four chances per mission to get the item you want. With some persistence, you should get all four parts.

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What Materials Are Required for Wisp Prime?

As with all other frames in Warframe, you’ll need a bunch of materials to craft Wisp Prime. These go toward each of the blueprints for the Neuroptics, Systems, and Chassis. The resources required are as followed:

  • Wisp Prime Neuroptics
    • 10x Neurodes
    • 2x Argon Crystal
    • 1,500x Rubedo
    • 6,750x Ferrite
  • Wisp Prime Chassis
    • 7x Gallium
    • 2,150x Polymer Bundle
    • 250x Oxium
    • 8,750x Nano Spores
  • Wisp Prime Systems
    • 2x Nitain Extract
    • 2x Tellurium
    • 1,350x Circuits
    • 4,375x Salvage

While some of the more common resources here are easy to find if a little time-consuming, the bigger resources can take some digging. Neurodes are easily found in the Tikal Dark Sector on Earth, while Argon Crystals are found easily in any Void mission, with Survival missions like Mot being the best return on your time investment. Tellurium can mostly be found in the Grineer Sealab tileset, so Ophelia on Uranus is your best bet. Finally, we have Nitain Extract, which can be found most easily through the Nightwave Offerings or through Ghoul Purge bounties.

Once you have all blueprints and materials ready to go, take 12 hours to craft each part and 72 hours to craft the full set, and Wisp Prime will be yours! Just remember to level and build out her mods, of course.

What Makes Wisp Prime Different From Regular Wisp?

Wisp Prime has increased base stats that make her base version naturally weaker. This includes an increase to 200 for Armor, 100 for Shields, and 1.25 for Sprint Speed. You’ll also see some base polarities in certain mod slots, rather than needing to spend that extra Forma which is always nice.

If you’re looking to snag more Prime frames, check out our guide on how to get the Prime relics for Hildryn Prime in Warframe.

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