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Error Code 300008 in Diablo 4 Beta Explained

What do the numbers mean?

by Jesse Vitelli

Diablo 4’s persistent world means it must always be connected to the internet. This means the game can do cool things like World Bosses, and public event-style showcases; however, it also means if something is plaguing the servers you’re going to be stuck with endless error codes. This can be frustrating when you’re simply trying to just enjoy the game with your potentially limited amount of free time. No one likes to get an error code, especially one that isn’t clear on what the problem is. So, what is error code 300008 in the Diablo 4 beta? We have the explanation below.

Error Code 300008 in Diablo 4 Beta Explained

The Diablo 4 Beta error code 300008 reads,

“Your request has timed out. Please try again. (Code 300008)”

That doesn’t really tell us a whole lot about what the actual problem is. However, this error code happens when the server is taking too long to respond. There’s no way to get around this error code, either. You can start the game, close and re-open it, and keep trying, but at the end of the day, this is a server-side issue.

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This mainly comes from a large influx of players trying to get online right now, and the servers are buckling under the load. The best thing you can do is wait it out, which can be frustrating if you only have limited time to play or want to hop in on your lunch break.

While dealing with most error codes, you’ll need to just sit by and wait for Activision Blizzard to fix whatever issue is plaguing its servers. You can also try coming back later when it isn’t peak player time in hopes of getting in a little bit smoother.

Well, that’s the error code 300008 in the Diablo 4 Beta explained. Once you’ve made it into the game, you’re going to want to know how to switch weapons, trust us.

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