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How to Equip Titles in Diablo 4

Well aren't you a lucky, lucky commoner

by Daphne Fama
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Titles serve many functions in multiplayer games. They can showcase your progress in the game, brag about your accomplishments, or just add a bit of flair. And it’s possible to do that in the very early stages of Diablo 4’s Beta.

How to Equip Titles in Diablo 4

Before you can even equip a title, you must have one. In Diablo 4’s beta, the earliest title you can obtain is after you complete the dungeon and return to the village. Shortly after leaving the chapel, you’ll come upon a new location and a point of interest you can investigate.

After doing that, you’ll obtain the title “Lucky Commoner”. It’s not the greatest title, but it’s something! Now, here’s how to equip it.

Step 1. Open You Character Profile

Press start and open your character equipment screen. In the top left you’ll see your character’s name and, in all caps, PROFILE. Select it.

Step 2. Select Edit

You’ll enter a new menu, which is much more streamlined. It will include your character’s currently equipped weapons and armor and at the bottom have boxes for Emblem, Title, and Clan.

Below the character profile you’ll see four button prompts, including one that says “Edit”. Press the edit button.

Step 3. Select The Title You Like

From this menu, you’ll now be able to select the title you like. You can mix and match prefixes and suffixes and create a title you like, but for now we’re simply stuck as Lucky Commoner. I’m personally holding out for Diabolic Florist.

If you’re trying to get your appearance just right, you might be wondering if it’s possible to hide your helmet during the beta. The starter equipment is less than stellar. Fortunately, we have an answer for you. Check out our article here: Can you Hide your Helmet in Diablo 4 Beta? – Answered.

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