While all of us Final Fantasy XIV players are eagerly awaiting the drop of more Eden content with the next patch, there's still a bunch of stuff to do in Eorzea. Valentione's Day is around the corner but in the interim, why not revisit your mount collection and see if there's anything you want to add to it? Our Elbst Horn FFXIV mount guide should help you pick up this scaly treasure. 

Elbst Horn FFXIV Mount Guide

For those who aren't necessarily in the know, an Elbst looks like a lizard had carnal relations with a sea-dwelling dinosaur and then sort of gave up halfway in the evolutionary process. With its ridiculous-looking beak and strangely-configured feet, you may well be surprised to learn that the Cavalry Elbst is actually a Terrestrial mount. 

If you think that our description of an Elbst actually matches something that you've encountered in the Eorzean overworld, don't worry; you're not imagining things. Anyone who's had some prolonged run-ins with the Sahagin will likely recognize this beast, and it will therefore come as no surprise that to get the Elbst Horn which will enable you to obtain said Cavalry Elbst, you're going to need to have earned "Trusted" reputation with the Sahagin beast tribe.

You'll find the Sahagin beast tribe vendor at Novv's Nursery in Western La Noscea, though to actually own the Elbst Horn from FFXIV you'll need to fulfill both the following criteria:

  1. Have Trusted reputation with the Sahagin
  2. Have 120,000 gil on hand

The Elbst Horn FFXIV mount whistle is pretty expensive, but comparable to that of other beast tribe reputation rewards of a similar caliber so just make sure that your gil purse is full enough when you go wading over to Novv's Nursery after currying favor with the clutchfather. 

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