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EA Sports PGA Tour: 3-Click Swing vs. Analog Stick

What do you prefer when you swing for the inside of the cup?

by Ashley Anthony
EA Sports PGA Tour 2023 | Cover Artwork

Opening and closing the debate on EA Sports PGA Tour’s game-changing fluid swing mechanics and the re-introduced 3-click swing is the objective of this post. There are just two types of virtual golfers in the world of games. 

One type is the player who enjoys the realism of the sport, from the graphics to the button features of a game. The other type is players who want to achieve the best results quickly and easily and start leveling up from the get-go.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of each mechanism, how it will affect your golf game, and the pros and cons of each swinging feature. 

EA Sports PGA Tour | Fluid Swing Mechanics Feature
New Fluid Swing Mechanics (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

3-Click Swing

The easiest of the two mechanics is the 3-Click swing. There is little that goes into this. You only need to calculate the wind speed, check the wind direction, and time your three clicks to perfection. 

The massive advantage of this method is that you will struggle to miss or screw up a shot, giving you the freedom to play casually while achieving Pro status. Sadly, it takes away much of the game’s realism when teeing off. 

EA Sports PGA Tour | 3 Click Swing 5 |
3-Click Swing for Perfect Accuracy (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

Pros of 3-Click Swing

  • Easy to complete a perfect 100% swing, 
  • Less setting changes are required, and 
  • More consistent results.

Cons of 3-Click Swing

  • It makes the game arcade-like, 
  • Less realistic, and 
  • It causes the game to become boring quickly. 

Analog Stick

The analog stick, on the other hand, invites more and more realism to the game. Everything comes into play here besides the wind direction, speed, and timing. When you swing with the analog stick, left or right, the motion gives you the scene of you swinging a golf club. 

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The hard part? If the motion from start to finish is out of line, you will undoubtedly stuff your shot. However, this makes for a more thrilling and exciting game of golf. Additionally, the risk is higher. Therefore, the reward and satisfaction after you have sunk a putt or smashed a ball 350 yards down the fairways are of the highest order. 

EA Sports PGA |Shot Type Features
Swing Mechanics (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

Pros of the Analog Stick

  • Big rewards,
  • More realistic, and 
  • It helps you understand the mechanics of swinging.

Cons of the Analog Stick

  • Easy to mishit a shot,
  • Hard to consistently get a perfect 100% swing, and
  • More settings need to be adjusted to get it right.

Conclusion on PGA Tour’s 3-Click Swing vs. Analog Stick 

Again, we go back to the old saying that it is down to preference. I love that EA stepped away from the norm and introduced something that can be improved and mastered now and for titles to come. 

The 3-Click swing gives EA Sports PGA Tour Road to the Masters more of an arcade feel, which is not what you want from a game where you want the Pro athlete feeling. Analog, again, makes it tougher to climb up the ladder. 

EA Sports PGA Tour - Road to the Masters | Country Club Golf Course
Fluid Swing Mechanics – Analog Stick (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

How you want to enjoy the game is up to you. However, if you want to get the best out of all shot types and get a feel of the different swings required to pull off a long drive, a pitch, or a flop, you need to move forward with the times and stay away from the 3-Click swing. 

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