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EA Sports PGA Tour – Road to the Masters Pure Strike Explained 

Hit true and straight with the purest of strikes!

by Ashley Anthony
EA Sports PGA Tour 2023 | Cover Artwork

Getting the ball to the hole in EA Sports PGA Tour – Road to the Masters is harder than you think. Hitting the golf ball in EA Sports PGA Tour is about precision calculating, using the right club for the job, shot type, and much more. 

The developers have introduced a new tech and feature: Pure Strike. Pure Strike guarantees all of the abovementioned are incorporated into the game. EA has teamed up with ShotLink and TrackMan in SPORTS PGA TOUR to accurately capture the swings of professional golfers for the game.

EA Sports PGA Tour | Pure Strike Feature
Pure Strike feature (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

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Every Shot is Calculated Using the Following Aspects in Road to the Masters:

Backswing Length

Can result in an over-swing, under-swing, or perfect swing, which could result in the balling away or towards the hole. 

Forward Swing Speed

Affects the power of the shot. Too slow, and there will be no power to the shot. Too fast, and there will be too much power, and you could overhit your shot.

Swing Plane

Determines the curve and direction of the launch. Takes a lot of getting used to and also depends on your timing.

EA Sports PGA Tour | Fluid Swing Mechanics Feature
Fluid Swing Mechanics feature (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

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These Components Determine the Shot:

  • Animation
  • Visualization
  • Feedback
  • Outcome

They’ve considered the ball behavior, life-like course dynamics, and fluid swing mechanics and have innovated it for “unrivalled authenticity”.

EA Sports PGA Tour | Ball Behaviour Feature
Ball Behaviour feature (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

All Aspects Impacting Your Swing on EA Sports PGA Tour:

  • Club – Selecting the right club for the job is vital)
  • Shot type – Overhitting the mark is easy if you don’t know what’s the right shot type
  • Shot shape – Take the apex and more into account when launching the ball into the air
  • The slope of the terrain, the bigger the slope, the faster the roll
  • Velocity & spin reduction from adverse terrain (like rough)
  • Golfer, club, and ball attributes (why upgrades and acquiring new gear are essential to progress and get better results with your swing)
EA Sports PGA Tour | Lifelike Course Dynamic Feature
Lifelike Course Dynamics Feature (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)
  • Power Boost
  • Swing Execution – Timing and fluidity with the joystick are everything
  • Wind and Wind Gusts – Increases or decrease the distance
  • In-flight Spin Control – Hard to get the hang of, but once mastered, a great asset
  • Altitude – will determine if you should pitch your shot further or closer to the hole
  • Ball Reactions (depends on terrain type and course conditions)
  • Ball Roll Out (occurs due to natural course slope)

It might seem like a lot to digest, but it will all come naturally with time and practice while doing different challenges and playing the game.

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