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All EA Sports PGA Tour – Road to the Masters Game Modes

What are all the modes for the one-man game?

by Ashley Anthony
EA Sports PGA Tour 2023 | Cover Artwork

EA Sports makes its return with PGA Tour – Road to the Masters. The game dropped just in time for the prestigious Masters’ event and is available for purchase and download.

Here in this post, Prima Games will take you through the many game modes on offer in EA Sports PGA Tour and what you need to do as a golfer to either: build a long-lasting legacy, compete online, enter a more casual hit about, find out what tournaments are available, and more.

Let’s mull over the different game modes in EA’s latest sports title: EA Sports PGA Tour.

All Game Modes in EA Sports PGA Tour – Road to the Master

Prima Games has singled out all the game modes and listed what you can find in each game mode. 

Quick Play Game Mode

If you’re looking to get some swings in before taking on any big events, tournaments or challenges, the quick-play game mode is an excellent way to get started or pass the time. This mode will also help you determine if more practice is required or if you are ready to become a Master.

All Quick Play Modes You Can Play On EA Sports PGA Tour:

  • Stroke Play (1-4 Players)
  • Match Play (2 Players)
  • Skins (2-4 Players)
  • Best Ball (2 Teams of 2 Players)
  • Four Ball (2 Teams of 2 Players)
  • Team Ball (2-4 Players)
  • Alternate Shot (2 Teams of 2 Players)
  • Foursomes (2 Teams of 2 Players)
  • Team Alternative (Single player and multiplayer play) (2-4 Players)
EA Sports PGA Tour - Road to the masters | game modes
EA Sports PGA Tour – Road to the Masters’ Career mode (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

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EA Sports PGA Tour Career Mode

Take your created golfer to the summit in career mode. Here you’ll take your golfer, play in the major tournaments, and try to complete sponsored challenges in the game. In career mode, you must play online, requiring an online connection to progress and qualify for all the features.

You can choose different routes in career mode, choosing whether to start from the very bottom as an amateur or start walking before crawling and heading straight to the PGA Tour or the Korn Ferry Tour. The choice is yours, and if you are not ready for any, you’ll know from the first tee-off. 

Inside Career Mode:

  • Amateur Championship
  • Korn Ferry Tour
  • PGA Tour

Competitive Mode in Road to the Master

Want to be the best? Well, then, you have to play the best in the game. Where to do that? In competitive game mode. Here you’ll need to put on your best golf slacks and hats and make sure you come to swing your clubs hard and true.

Playing Competitive Mode in Road to the Master:

  • Augusta’s Amen Corner (1-16 Players)
  • Random, 9 Holes, Tour (1-16 Players)

When playing competitively, players can choose to play against up to 16 other players across the globe, and you can choose from a selection of the famous Augusta’s Golf Course or any 9-hole, front or back, of random course selections.

EA Sports PGA Tour | Challenges Mode
Challenges Game Mode (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA)

EA Sports PGA Tour – Road to the Masters’ Challenges Game Mode

If you’re not a pro at swinging, putting, or reading the game situation, challenges game mode is where you’ll spend most of your hours practicing and getting used to Road to the Masters. The challenges are one of the game’s best features and will help set you up for a great experience. 

There are different challenges of various lengths and difficulties that, once completed, will gain your XP points and rewards. They consist of historical moments in the PGA and LPGA over storied courses, tournaments, and real-life moments over the weekend’s action being played in real time.

These are the challenges:

  • Challenges (120 challenges)
  • Championship Moments (582 moments on initial download)
  • Sponsors (405 challenges)
  • Spotlights (25 challenges)
  • Coaching Academy (180 challenges)
  • Vault (locked and coming soon)

These challenges from the game’s initial launch could and should change over time when the other major golf tournaments kick off.

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You can play social game mode for a more laid-back experience where ranking isn’t a concern. With this mode, you’ll tee off in a more relaxed environment and play against other players worldwide that match your skill.

Available Activities Inside the Social Game Mode:

  • Augusta’s Amen Corner (1-16 Players)
  • Random – Any (1-16 Players)
EA Sports PGA Tour | Game Mode
Tournament Game Mode (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

Tournaments Game Mode in EA Sports PGA Tour

Reach the summit of the leaderboard in EA Sports PGA Tour – Road to the Masters’ tournament mode. This game mode is a must-play, as you’ll need to enter tournaments to win Tickets. 

In Road to the Masters, winning Tickets will help you qualify for more prestigious tournaments and a chance to win some “cool rewards” — the more prestigious the event — the more tickets you’ll need to win to enter and the bigger the pot you’ll win. 

Important to note: you must pay an entry fee for each tournament. While some have unlimited entry opportunities, others have more limited entries, so choose wisely and bring your A-game. Tournaments are also only available for a limited time, and once completed, you’ll be rewarded for your current position on the leaderboard.

Inside EA Sports PGA Tour – Road to the Masters’ Tournament Game Mode:

  • Daily tournaments
  • Weekly tournaments
  • Seasonal tournaments
EA Sporst PGA Tour | Private Game Mode
Private Game Mode (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA)

Private Matches Game Mode

This mode is made for you and your best mates. Send invites and links to up to 16 players to join in on the match event. This mode is fully customizable. You can change the gameplay and round settings, tailoring the game to your specifications.

Inside Private Matches Game Mode:

  • Stroke Play (2-16 Players)

As you can see, there are plenty of game modes to choose from in EA Sports PGA Tour – Road to the Masters. If you’re one to take on the world from the offset, there’s a mode for you. 

If you’re somebody who likes to earn bragging rights amongst your peers, there’s a game mode for you. If you’re looking just to hit some balls and kill time, there are game modes for you in EA Sports PGA Tour – Road to the Masters.

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