Will EA Sports FC 24 Have VAR Included as a New Feature?

Will EA really let football fans endure more pain and drama?

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EA Sports FC 24 launches in September, and week after week, as we approach D-Day, EA gives us some more insight into what we can expect from the new era of EA’s football simulator. With all the deep-dive videos between now and the official reveal trailer a month ago, we’ve witnessed many new features being added to the game. One of the features yet to be discussed is whether EA will be brave enough to add VAR to the gameplay.

VAR is an important part of football matches nowadays, and having it included in EA FC 24 would make sense. However, the question of whether it will benefit or hinder the gameplay and overall enjoyment of the game has to be asked. Let’s find out if VAR will be included in FC 24 and what effect it will have on the game—negative or positive.

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Will VAR Be A New Feature on EA Sports FC 24?

There has been no official confirmation, but as it stands, EA will not include VAR as a new feature in EA FC 24, nor have there been any conversations or announcements about them adding it to the latest title. Despite the inclusion of gameplay features such as PlayStyles, Hypermotion V, the new Referee Camera, and an upgraded Unreal Engine, VAR is not going to be part of the more immersive feeling just yet.

EA also hasn’t confirmed if it will be included in DLC or Patch Notes later on after FC 24’s launch. As reported by GINX, EA prefers to keep the game flowing from end to end, with as few stoppages as possible. Certain cutscenes and animations already add extra minutes when playing a match; VAR would just increase the time spent not playing and instead watching, much like an RPG title with loads of cutscenes.

Will VAR Be Introduced to EA Sports FC? (Screenshot via Prima Games)

What is VAR?

For those who do not watch football but enjoy playing it (which is less likely the case with players who play sports video games), VAR is the Video Assistant Referee. It is used when play is stopped to help “better” judge a decision that could have possibly gone the wrong way initially. 

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If the incorrect decision is made by the match official, the call will be overturned. The Video Assistant Referee is called into action mostly for fouls in the box (penalty decisions) and offsides in goalscoring situations.

Will VAR Have a Negative Impact on EA Sports FC? 

It’s not just a simple yes-or-no answer. It’s a matter of opinion and player preference. For certain single-player game modes, VAR will add an even more immersive aspect to the game. However, if decisions continue to go against players or VAR checks take too long, players might get tired quickly and end up enjoying the game less than expected.

It’s an addition to the game that nobody will miss, but at the same time, it would be intriguing to see what it would be like to have VAR as a feature in a football video game. Maybe later on, in the distant future, we’ll get to test it as a new inclusion. For now, the job is to play football, and that’s the way it should stay. For more on EA Sports FC 24, you can read: EA’s Sports FC 24 Trinity of Technology Explained

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