Does Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI) Have a Secret Boss? – Answered

Is there a secret boss? Let's find out!

Final Fantasy XVI is filled with bombastic and over-the-top boss fights. Couple that with the all new action-combat system, and it makes for some of the series’ best fights. However, the series is also known for having quite a few different post-game boss fights and secret spots. Does Final Fantasy 16 have a secret boss fight? We have the answer for you below.

Does FFXVI Have A Secret Boss?

No, Final Fantasy XVI does not have a secret boss fight. Some of the harder challenges in the game will come from the Hunts, which you can access through the Hunt Board at The Hideaway.

While there is no post-game or secret boss in FFXVI, Svarog is the highest-level enemy in the game and is certainly a challenge if you’re looking for one. We have an entire guide on Svarog’s location and the rewards you get by defeating it. On your first playthrough, Svarog will be level 50, and on New Game Plus, it will be 93. So be prepared for a real challenge.

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While there isn’t a secret boss in the game currently, there is a Fallen architecture door in The Dim that seemingly has no use in the game and might be used for something down the line. We’re hoping to see some more difficult bosses added to the game potentially in post-launch DLC, but nothing has been confirmed at the time of writing this guide.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about if Final Fantasy 16 has a secret boss in the game. For more tips and tricks, stay right here at Prima Games. Check out all of the weapons in the game to see how to get the best weapon in the game, the Ultima Weapon.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently available on the PlayStation 5.

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