Final Fantasy 16: Svarog (Ruin Reawakened) Hunt Location and Rewards (FF16)

A difficult hunt.

Svarog, the S Rank Hunt in Final Fantasy 16, is easily the highest-level enemy you will face in the game. When I encountered Svarog in Final Fantasy Mode, it was a walloping level 93. Finding Svarog is a bit of a challenge, though; here’s where the find Svarog and the rewards you get for defeating this hunt in FF16.

Where to Find Ruin Reawakened in Final Fantasy 16

You can find Svarog in The Holy Empire of Sanbreque. Svaorg is located all the way south of Mornebrume and Glorieuse. You can use the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate Obleisk and head south from there to reach the location.

It will be a narrow path leading to a giant open field and a body of water. As soon as you enter the arena, Svarog will descend down, and the battle will begin.

You can check out the map below of Svarog’s exact location.

Image via Prima Games

Svarog’s attacks are deadly, and it has a massive stagger bar. We recommend waiting until you’ve increased your potion limit before taking on this fight.

If you’re insistent on fighting it, using Impulse from Bahamut’s Eikon abilities is a great way to chew through Svarog’s stagger bar.

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Rewards for Svarog S Rank Hunt In FFXVI

Image Via Prima Games

For defeating Svarog in Final Fantasy 16, you will be rewarded with the following spoils,

  • Orichalcum
  • 2 Fallen Enigma
  • 2 Amber
  • 2 Empty Shards

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the location of Svarog and its rewards in Final Fantasy 16. For more tips and tricks, stay right here at Prima Games for everything about the world of Valisthea. Check out how to get more Orichalcum, which you’ll need for crafting the best weapons and accessories in Final Fantasy 16.

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