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The war between PC and Console shooter players has been waging for years as the latter are always granted some extra perks. With no external interference, mouse and keyboard players would be always favored in competitive matches due to the extra precision and movement freedom they have over controller players. In order to balance things out, Aim Assist is often introduced in shooters, and Call of Duty 2: Modern Warfare is no exception.

The feature was present in the beta test, dividing once more the community between those who considered it an unfair advantage and those who couldn’t care less about it, and has made its way over to the official releases of the game. But is the Aim Assist present in PC MW2?

Does COD MW2 Have Aim Assist on PC?

Yes, it does. Although it’s obviously not available for mouse settings, you can connect your controller and get the exact same settings from a console version of the game. The settings options are also the same between all versions, so no one’s getting some kind of extra advantage.

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Aim Assist Settings in COD MW2

In the Settings menu, head over to Controller and select the Advanced tab. Here you’ll find all of the Aim Assist options available for the controller. You can even toggle it on and off, but there’s not much reason not to use it unless you really want to feel some extra layers of difficulty.

COD MW2 Aim Assist Controller Settings
Screenshot via WhosImmortal YouTube channel

For the Aim Assist Type options, you have: 

  • Default: Traditional aim slowdown near target used in Modern Warfare games.
  • Precision: Strong aim slowdown that only kicks in when aiming closer to the target. Best for accurate players.
  • Focusing: Strong aim slowdown that also kicks in when narrowly missing the target. Best for players new to analog aiming.
  • Black Ops: Traditional aim slowdown near target used in Black Ops games.

Any of the options are good here, but Default’s the most popular choice. You can go with Focusing if you’re new to shooters or even Black Ops if it suits you or you’re used to those games.

For the Aim Response Curve Type, the options are: 

  • Standard: Simple power curve map from aim stick to aim rate.
  • Linear: Aim stick maps directly to the aim rate.
  • Dynamic: Reverse S-curve mapping for fine aim rate control.

Dynamic is the pro’s choice here since the reverse curve usually gives the best results, but Standard’s fine too. Avoid using Linear though as it feels less than ideal. There’s also the ADS Aim Assist option which affects exclusively single-player modes. Also up to you whether to keep it toggled on or off.

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And that’s pretty much it. After getting your best Aim Assist settings, choose your favorite Modern Warfare 2 weapon among all of the available ones and get on the fields.

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