Do Trees and Rocks Regrow in Minecraft Legends? – Answered

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While you may not get to free build in the lands of Minecraft Legends, you’ll still need to do your part when it comes to gathering different materials, such as trees and stones. To get your hands on these, you’ll need to use the power of music to command your allies to harvest different flora and fauna to stack into your resource bins. But, if you’re worried about deforestation, or just plan on hiding out in one spot to farm as many materials as possible, you might be itching to learn if trees and rocks will regrow, or if you need to find a new place to start gathering materials in this adorable RTS game. So, do trees and rocks regrow in Minecraft Legends?

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Do Trees and Rocks Respawn In Minecraft Legends?

After doing a bit of experimentation and research on my own, we can confirm that trees and rocks do not respawn. Putting the game off to the side and doing a few other things in the meantime, I waited for a little over half an hour to see if anything would pop up in the area that I harvested, and nothing returned after that time.

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Could I have waited longer? Yes, but the kingdom needed saving, and it seems to be that nothing is going to return to this particular location. Does this mean that another tree/rock formation sprung up somewhere else on the map? That seems to be a bit more likely, as you’ll never have to worry about running out of different materials to find in this world. There will always be trees and always be rocks that you can find, except for maybe in the ocean biomes.

While it’s almost impossible to know if trees and rocks will pop up in the same place after a longer period, knowing that you won’t have to worry about running out of these precious materials can at least make the anxiety of base-building a little easier to swallow. Just make sure you’re ready to defend your base, no matter how difficult it may be.

Wherever you end up on your Minecraft Legends adventure, make sure to keep our pages bookmarked as there is so much to explore. No matter if you’re searching for items like the Redstone Launcher, or just need to learn how to clear up the Netherrack to build some more bases, you can count on us to make your adventure more memorable than ever before.

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