How to Cure Netherrack in Minecraft Legends

Dispel the darkness with ease

While Piglins may be the main cause for concern in Minecraft Legends, those that are hoping to build the biggest and best creations have another menace to deal with. Netherrack poisons the ground near Piglin Bases, but you may find that it is also in other areas that you need to build something amazing in. Thankfully, you can cure it pretty easily, but it takes a bit of time to reach that point, so mount your trusty steed and let us teach you the ways of curing Netherrack in Minecraft Legends!

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How To Get Rid of Netherrack In Minecraft Legends Easily

As you progress throughout the story a bit, you’ll find that the Well of Fate is quickly going to become one of the most important buildings to you, as you’ll be able to upgrade and unlock new buildings that you can use in your journey. Once you have reached a certain point in the campaign, you’ll have the ability to unlock the Cure Netherrack Building.

To craft this building, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got plenty of resources, including the following:

This Improvement building does exactly what it sounds like: it cures the Netherrack that you are encountering. You’ll just need to place this near an infested area, and let it take care of the rest, giving you the perfect opportunity to start building as many new buildings as needed in this new area that you’ve just unlocked.

While ramps can be built anywhere, including in Netherrack, you will need to continue improving the world around you, and this is going to be the easiest way to make that happen. Once you have finished the first few missions, you’ll be ready to start cleaning up the world around you without much issue.

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If you’re struggling in any way to figure out where to get materials and resources, or just need some help with Minecraft Legends, make sure to check out our page below.

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