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The Division 2: Where to Find All 12 Hunter Masks

Looking for all of the Hunter Masks in The Division 2? This guide will help!
This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 continues to be a hit after a successful launch with a ton of content for players to enjoy. For those that are looking to score 100% completion and are on the hunt for certain collectibles, a little help can go a long way. For those currently seeking out the Hunter Masks, this guide will help you get what you need more effeciently so that you can show off that Division dedication to others.

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An important thing to note before diving right in is that the Hunters spawn in at level 35, so we recommend that players wait until they hit at least level 30 before taking on this particular feat. Solid gear is also highly recommended, because the Hunters definitely offer up a challenge that players need to prepare for. 

Some of the Hunter Masks must be obtained through puzzle completion, which can be tough for some players. The first of these puzzles is “Salute Three Graves,” and here’s what you need to know before diving in: 

To take on this particular Mask hunt, players must take back the Control Point in order to reset the Washington Monument. Before starting though, make sure that the next steps are done at night, this is important for continuation. Once the reset is completed, head down to the Supply Room (accessible from the elevator shaft) and interact with the small screen that can be found where the Bill of Rights collectible was gathered. 

There’s a button beneath the small screen that needs to be pushed, which will reveal a set of coordinates that will help in finding the three graves. When heading to each site, use the salute emote to complete this particular task. A static overlay will appear over the game’s UI to alert players that the salute has been registered. 

As far as the three locations: 

  1. Southeast of the control point, just northwest of the Washington Monument near a collection of shipping containers
  2. Northeast of the Washington Monument, the grave is just off the main path
  3. Southwest of the Washington Monument, between the monument and a series of bushes

Once all three graves have been properly saluted (with the static UI for confirmation), head back to the monument and into the Supply Room. Once back at the screen where the coordinates were first retrieved, hit that button once more to trigger an orange screen that indicates successful completion. 

Moving on from the graves, it’s time to take on the Hunters! Important note: Make sure to take on the below parts at night as well, usually after 19:00 in-game. 

Ghost Mask

Head northwest of the Washington Monument, east of the theater. From there, head to an area indicated GENERAL CARE and MONUMENT FIELD HOSPITAL where a Missing Persons sign can be found. Once noted, head inside to encounter the first Hunter. A good way to spot the first one is to locate a shipping container elevated by a crane. Players will see the crane in the far-right corner, and there the Hunter should be crouched on top of the elevated shipping container. 

The best course of action is to have a higher-level sniper rifle to take him on long-range. If the weapon is powerful enough, a one-hit kill is possible, causing the Ghost Mask to drop. The downside? If missed, players will have to wait an entire 24-hour in-game cycle before trying again. 

Spectre Mask

Once the Ghost Hunter is dealt with, the Spectre Hunter is next. He can also be killed in one-shot if a powerful enough weapon is equipped, though he has a wider berth for spawning, which can make him a little trickier to nail down at first. The aforementioned static UI will also be a huge help here. Pay attention to that UI, when the static goes live – be on the lookout. The Spectre Hunter will be spotted on top of one of the nearby buildings, though which one specifically is at random. 

Ghoul Mask

Head Northeast of Lincoln Mermorial Circle where an underground enterance will be spotted. It’s a sewer – but it’s a videogame, so no gross smells – that houses a laptop that is key to completing the next mask acquisition.

Once the laptop is found, interact with it to trigger a map that will illuminate the far wall. This map will showcase two different locations, the first being the player’s current location. The second location is nearby, marked by surrounding watch towers. Look for the one with a blinking light at the top, then shoot the light. Once done, smoke will appear bringing with it the Hunter needed to take out in order to gain the Ghoul Mask. Kill him, and the mask is aquired. 

Midas and Revenant Masks 

Head near the waterfront to West End for the next pair of masks to acquire. Once close to the water, players will see a building that looks like a cresent moon. Once at the building, be on the lookout for an empty swimming pool. Once found, climb in and then trigger the jumping jacks emote in order to reveal the two Hunters needed to achieve the Midas and Revenant Masks part of this particular objective. 

Wraith Mask

Instead of west, players will need to go east for the next mask. Head to the Southwest district on the eastern side of the city. There, players will find a monument littered with a few names and a single light. Much like the watch tower, players will need to shoot the light in order to spawn the Hunter, though immediately after the light is shot, the player will need to move directly behind the light. Once in front of the memorial wall, salute the wall, and the Hunter will appear. 

Crimson Mask 

Head to the Judiciary Square on the wstern side near the District Union Arena Stronghold. Once there, spot the courtyard that has opposing doorways. There will be a set of doors that has a mirror between the two. Once spotted, head into the door on the left and look for another laptop to interact with.

Once the laptop has been triggered, head back through the courtyard and enter the doors on the opposite side. Once inside the new area, look for the phone to interact with it. This interaction will trigger another bought of smoke and with it, a new Hunter to take on. 

Cross, Diamond, Death, and Phantom Masks

This part is a little tricky, only because players will suddenly be faced with four different Hunters at once. Because of the influx in enemies, make sure that gear is top-notch and perhaps consider bringing a friend along for the ride. 

Southwest of the Federal Triangle there is a courtyard with a Christmas tree. Find the tree and then head up the stairs to the side of it to enter into the above office. Once upstairs, players will see a lever. Hit the lever and then head back outside to the tree where the four Hunters will spawn.

Demon Mask

Head to the shopping area east of the Demolition Site Control Point in Downtown East. Once there, go inside and make it down the escelators until you reach a small platform covered in grass. After arriving on the platform, across the way palyers will note a few windows which will then reveal a few targets. Shoot down the targets from the top down in order to spawn the final Hunter in order to get the Demon Mask. 

And there you have it! 12 masks now in possession and one hell of a sense of achievement. 

The Division 2 is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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