Disney Illusion Island Hide And Seek Quest Guide - All Hiders Locations

Disney Illusion Island Hide And Seek Quest Guide – All Hiders Locations

How to find Mayor's kids in Crater's Bay

Disney Illusion Island boasts a massive Metroidvania-like map that you will run through several times during the game, often backtracking when you unlock a new power. However, in the first third of the game, when you walk into the Crater’s Bay zone for the first time, you will kickstart a quest that will have you play a game of hide and seek with the mayor’s children.

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To help make things a little bit easier for you, check out all of the hiders’ locations in the ‘Hide and Seek’ quest in Disney Illusion Island.

Locations of Every Hider During the ‘Hide and Seek’ Quest in Disney Illusion Island

After talking with the mayor near the entrance to the Crater’s Bay zone, the “Hide and Seek” quest to find the five hiders will begin. The hide and seek participants are the mayor’s children, and they can be found in both the Upper Bay and Lower Bay areas. For more detailed locations check out the screenshots below.

Disney Illusion Island Hider Location One

The first child will be hidden at the top right corner of the room marked on the map above, you need to cross the star platforms to jump into one of those secret zones that will be revealed as you pass through it.

Disney Illusion Island Hider Location Two

The second child that’s playing hide and seek can be easily found in the bottom right corner of the room marked in the map above.

Disney Illusion Island Hider Location Three

The third hider is located above the breakable wall that you will have to destroy by going all of the way around it and then using the down + Y buttons whilst jumping to demolish it.

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Disney Illusion Island Hider Location Four

The fourth hider can be found with ease after a few precision jumps. Be sure not to miss the collectible “Tokun” just on the other side of the same room in yet another hidden zone.

Disney Illusion Island Hider Location Five

The fifth and final child is located in the lower left part of Lower Bay, you will have to swim to the left and reveal the hidden zone in the leftmost part of the screen to find the last hider.

Return to the Mayor in Bay Center

After you find all five of the hiders, it is time to return to Bay Center and talk to the mayor. He will thank Mickey and his friends with a very sour smile for finding all of his children so quickly as now he has to spend the whole day with them. Seriously, only parents will fully understand this moment. Certainly, the mayor will keep his promise and open the gate that stood in the way of your progress in this zone. Have fun!

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