How Big is Disney Illusion Island File Size Guide

How Big is Disney Illusion Island? File Size Guide

Do you need some extra space for the new Mickey Mouse Metroidvania?

Remember the Disney platformers from the 90s? Well, according to the indie studio Dlala, their next game will be a tribute to those titles, primarily World of Illusion (1992), starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. This time around, players will also be able to be Goofy or Minnie Mouse in a brand new platformer / Metroidvania adventure made exclusively for Nintendo Switch. How big is Disney Illusion Island? Well, we have the answer for you below.

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Disney Illusion Island File Size on Nintendo Switch

According to the Nintendo Store page for Disney Illusion Island, its digital version will come at 6.6 GB. This is quite a small file size, even for Switch, but since it is a 2D game with relatively simple graphics, it is no wonder that it does not take up too much space. Battletoads, Dlala Studios’ previous title, which was done in a similar style, took up about 20 GB for comparison, but there was no Switch version, as it was only released for PC and Xbox.

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Disney Illusion Island arrives exclusively on Nintendo, on July 28, 2023, as a digital and physical release at a slightly lower price of $39.99.

When we take the lower price, as well as the smaller file size into account, it seems that this platformer adventure will not necessarily be a huge game, but for a complete verdict, we will have to wait for its official release – so keep an eye out for our review of the Illusion Island here on Prima Games in a few days.

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