Disney Illusion Island Metacritic Score Revealed

Let's see how Mickey and Friends fared with the critics

Disney Illusion Island Metacritic Score Revealed

We haven’t had a game with Mickey Mouse and other original Disney mascots for a very long time, and to correct that injustice, the indie studio Dlala brought us an interesting take on classic Disney platformers mixed with some basics of today’s indie games with a Metroidvania approach. So, to find out how this experiment went we’ll take a look at Disney Illusion Island’s Metascore – the average critic score from the review aggregator site Metacritic.

Disney Illusion Island Metascore

Disney Illusion Island on its release date has a Metascore of 73, with currently 27 positive, 22 mixed, and 1 negative review. With a very similar number of positive and mixed reviews, it can be said that critics are very divided about this one. While many who gave higher ratings praised the relaxing vibe of the game as well as the superb art style, reviews with lower ratings highlighted the emptiness of the Metroidvania-like map, the lack of drop-in co-op options, and the general lack of substance.

Also, to me, it seems that the majority of reviewers who gave positive scores took a more casual approach, while the game was severely bashed by more experienced old-school critics who often compared it to platformers from the decades past, for which this title is supposed to be a tribute to but clearly is not on the same level.

Anyhow, a score of 73 is not bad at all, it is just one single number higher than Studio Dlala’s previous game – Battletoads for Xbox, which has a Metascore of 72. The reboot of meme-friendly toads was actually the studio’s first game, with the Illusion Island being only the second big title they produced. So, yeah… baby steps.

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Our own Priscilla Wells took a very positive approach and gave Illusion Island a 9/10 in our Prima Games review, where she concluded that “Disney Illusion Island is an unmissable experience that is a melting pot of classic Disney charm, Metroidvania lite gameplay, and witty dialogue.” You can read the review in its entirety on the link above.

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