Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips and Tricks

We also recommend cleaning everything Goofy gives you before use

There’s a lot going on in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And there’s a surprising degree of vagueness to a lot of its systems. Some of that is definitely deliberate due to things like recipe unlocking. But sometimes the game is just a little too obtuse for its own good. You know, in that Early Access kind of way that could largely get smoothed over after time and patches pass. But until then, we figured we’d lay out a bunch of random tips; really we’re looking at a bunch of little things that pop up as you play, things that are helpful but poorly explained by the game. Or not explained at all.

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Beginner Tips for Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • Don’t jump ahead in quests; do them one step at a time or it won’t count
  • Gems can come from any mining spot even if the gems aren’t showing
  • Chests don’t grow like regular storage but you can make as many as you want and leave them outside
  • Cook five fruits for fruit salads with huge stamina gains
  • Collection menu tells you where to find things, daily gifts for characters and more
  • Long press on items in your inventory to move them
  • When taking characters with you they gain XP for everything you do even outside their Roles
  • You can cook in the Ratatouille Realm without using your own ingredients; great for experimenting
  • You can move tons of stuff outside in furniture mode including trees, houses, etc etc
  • Fishing outside of ripples is how you get seaweed easily
  • Using auto-fill when cooking saves a ton of time
  • If you’re having trouble with approaching animals, just try being persistent. More on that here
  • Eating not only can overfill your stamina; it can temporarily buff your movement speed
  • Practice collecting all the items before they disappear when you get a lucky burst; you’ll get a reward chest if you do
  • You can mark waypoints on your map, which translate to those sparkly paths in the game.

This could end up being a space that gets updated over time or as we trip over things. And some tips may prove obsolete after updates, which is one of the reasons I didn’t mention the little barrier-skipping trick here. There’s no way that stays in. But for now, hopefully these little tidbits of Disney Dreamlight Valley knowledge help make your early hours proceed more smoothly.

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