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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Sand Fast

I don't like sand.

by Jesse Vitelli

So with all of these life-sim games, you’ll need to collect an ungodly amount of different resources to build new improvements to your village constantly. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need a bevy of materials to keep up with the demands of your villagers. Here’ show to get sand in Disney Dreamlight Valley fast.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Sand Fast

You won’t encounter the need for sand until you meet Ursula and need to complete her first side quest. She will task you with making an Empty Vial and Purple Pigment. You’ll need to craft glass for these components, and for glass, you’ll need sand.

Sand is gathered at Dazzle Beach, which seems obvious. However, unlike many other resources, there isn’t a specific node or obvious route to obtaining it.

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You must pull out your shovel and start digging in the sand. Seriously, dig in random spots, and you’ll accumulate a ton of sand very quickly. It will make a mess of your village, but digging all over the beach will net you all the sand you will ever need. Patch up the holes and keep going until you have the required amount of sand that you need.

It doesn’t seem evident at first, but once you realize it’s as simple as randomly digging in the sand, you’ll feel silly for not thinking about it. Don’t feel bad, though; it took us longer than we would like to admit before realizing it.

Well, that is everything you need to know about how to get sand fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Look at our helpful guides on retrieving the orb at the floating islands and a list of all of the ingredients found in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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