Diablo 4 Season 1 Developer Stream Start Date and Time

An omen looms.

Diablo 4 news has been a little dry lately, sans the big ol’ balance patch Blizzard dropped on us last week. But there’s good news about uh, news: we’re getting a developer livestream tomorrow which will be detailing some upcoming changes and additions to the game. Here’s how you can tune in to the Diablo 4 Season 1 Developer stream.

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When and Where is the Developer Livestream?

The live stream takes place on July 6 at 11 AM PT (2 pm ET) on the Official Diablo 4 Twitch channel. If you can’t make the stream, don’t worry! It’ll be available on YouTube and Twitch for your viewing pleasure after it takes place. Blizzard are also publishing two articles detailing the topics discussed in the stream after it goes live.

What’s Going to be Covered?

The livestream focuses on a new class coming to Diablo Immortal and, more importantly, Season 1 of Diablo 4. It’ll be our first look at the details surrounding Season 1, and will be our first indication of what the seasons in Diablo 4 will entail. There’s also mention of quality of life changes, as well as the Q&A session near the end of the stream.

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During the Campfire Chat, which you can check out our coverage on right here, the devs mentioned that a focus on new content was their main priority. I’m excited to see if this holds true, and if so just how much new content seasons in Diablo 4 will deliver. Will they be mission-focused and story-driven like Destiny 2? Or will they follow a model similar to Path of Exile, where the new mechanics completely change progression for their duration? Time will tell.

If you’re a bit lost as to how a “season” works, our guide to prepping for Diablo 4’s first season should help you out. Seasons require a new character first and foremost, so keep in mind which one you’d like to play. Keep in mind also that the Seasonal Battle Pass will only progress when playing a Seasonal character.

I’m excited to see what the future of Diablo 4 holds, and if trends hold the developers are, too. If you have questions for the team, there will be a Q&A session at the end of the stream as well!

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