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Update: Today during the Developer Livestream, Season 1, also called “Season of the Malignant,” is confirmed to begin on July 20.

There’s been a lot of.. heated.. discussion surrounding Diablo 4’s upcoming Season 1, particularly around the need to start a new character to progress the Seasonal Battlepass and play the new seasonal content. But never mind that, I for one am very excited to jump in and see what Diablo 4’s seasons will be all about.

Whether it’s new content, mechanics, cosmetics, or Legendary Aspects, we’ll know more pretty soon – the developers have announced an upcoming livestream (no date yet) that will go into all the juicy details of Season 1 within the next few weeks.

So when’s it all kicking off?

Diablo 4 Season 1 Start Date

Season 1 of Diablo 4 will begin sometime in mid-to-late July, but we haven’t been provided an exact date yet, but narrowing it down to reset days means we can expect Season 1 on Tuesday July 18 OR Tuesday July 25. Which one of these days it will land on is still up in the air, but it’s certain to fall on one of them since these are the only two dates that line up with the confirmed window.

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As mentioned above, we don’t have many answers as to what will be included in Season 1, nor do we have a clear idea of how the Battlepass will function (besides the fact that the power-boosting currency it provides is only unlocked via the free track). One thing that was mentioned during the developers’ first Campfire Chat was that new content is the main priority moving forward, so hopefully that means we can expect something a little hefty.

If you aren’t sure how they work, be sure to read our guide on Diablo 4 Seasons as a whole, since there’s quite a bit of precedent for these things.

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