Key Takeaways From Diablo 4 Devs’ First Campfire Chat

Stay awhile and listen.

The Diablo 4 development team just hosted the first of – presumably many – “Campfire Chats” on Twitch. If you’d like to catch the whole thing for yourself (it’s just under two hours long) you can watch it on YouTube here, but I’ll be breaking down some of the key points mentioned for players wondering how their feedback is being addressed.

Diablo 4 Changes Coming Before Season 1

First, let’s look at changes that were verbally confirmed to be coming before Season 1. Season 1, in case you forgot, hits mid to late July.

Changes to Nightmare Dungeons: The team confirmed that Nightmare Dungeons aren’t as rewarding as they should be, and so are increasing experience gains and allowing Sigils to open Waypoints to teleport straight to their respective dungeon. This is an effort to increase replayability and limit downtime.

Class buffs: Unspecified buffs to classes were mentioned several times, with a specific mention to classes that struggle with Resource generation.

Caches will no longer drop at a higher level than the player: If you’ve found yourself with a cache of goods from a world boss you can’t open due to being under level, this is a bug that’s being addressed soon.

Druid loot table fix: Druids should see a reduction in the amount of Uniques belonging to other classes – but it was said that this doesn’t mean you’ll never see another class’ items drop.

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Diablo 4 Changes Coming in Season 1

Progression changes: Map fog will no longer return on new characters in Season 1 onward. In addition, Altars of Lilith will retain their passive rewards, but Renown will not. This means those Paragon points you unlock from Renown need to be re-earned each season. Ugh.

Material caps removed: Some players are already hitting the 10,000 cap for Veiled Crystals, and this (and others) will be removed.

Diablo 4 Changes Coming After Season 1

Gems in Materials tab: Gems will no longer take up inventory space, instead being relegated to the materials tab. Expect this around Season 2.

Resistance balancing: Resistance to elements isn’t working as intended at higher levels, so expect some changes to this coming around Season 2.

Hardcore disconnect protection: Scroll of Escape is planned to activate when the game client recognizes a disconnect around Season 2. Sorry Quin, better late than never.

These were all the big talking points of the stream, but there were other “future” plans tentatively laid out as well, like incorporating LFG functionality, adding new hairstyles and cosmetics, and teleporting to players without returning to town. We have our own complaints about Diablo 4 and want to see it improved as much as anyone. If you’re curious, just check out our critique of Diablo 4.

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