Diablo 4: Alcarnus Stronghold – Location, How to Beat, Rewards

Clones upon clones.

Alcarnus Diablo 4
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There always has to be one evil character that can’t accept their fate, driving them to search for immortality in a completely disgusting manner. The Alcarnus Stronghold in Diablo 4 is all about destroying these experiments while a necrotic witch attempts to stop you, but I can help you thwart her plans with ease. Here’s our guide on the Alcarnus Stronghold in Diablo 4, including its location and rewards.

Where to Find the Alcarnus Stronghold in Diablo 4

Alcarnus is located in central Kehjistan, which is the fourth major region in Diablo 4. This area is nestled into the southwestern border of Sanctuary where sand covers nearly every inch of land. This stronghold, in particular, is located to the west of the massive desert, which leaves it in the center of the region.

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There are plenty of waypoints scattered around this area of Kehjistan, so reaching Alcarnus is no problem at all. I rode there from the Waypoint north of Alcarnus and then used the main entrance to the stronghold. Once you get inside, you will be asked to investigate the Lair of the Witch. Simply get to the other end of the arena and view the necrotic mass. That is where the true objective begins.

How to Destroy the Necrotic Masses in Alcarnus

After you discover the Lair of the Witch and the necrotic mass, it’s time to head back to the entrance and actually destroy one. I took out the mass that was just outside of the main lair and it sparked the main objective. Three necrotic masses need to be destroyed with any damage you have, along with the Simulacrums.

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The Simulacrums are essentially clones of the main boss that appear to protect the necrotic masses in Alcarnus Stronghold. They are elite enemies and can dish out plenty of damage. I simply rounded them up with the other enemies in the room and used my shadow bombs to wipe them all at once. With all of the Simulacrims and the masses destroyed, it’s time to face the witch.

How to Defeat Rashta Reborn in Diablo 4

Rashta will use tons of AOE attacks in the Alcarnus fight, so keeping your distance can be a huge advantage. I waited until she would cast major attacks and then I would use my own penetrating shots as she was stuck summoning new spells. However, range isn’t always an option.

You will quickly notice that Rashta Reborn has tons of damage to dish out, but she also heavily telegraphed attacks. Most of her major attacks have a huge start-up. Her scythe blast will mark the floor so you can move out of the way. Then she will raise her scythe and cause a sludge bomb on the ground, followed by swirling orbs. Once again, if you watch the telegraph, you have a couple of seconds to get far away.

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Two moves that are harder to predict are the teleport and the blood attack from above. The teleport doesn’t do any damage, but it can throw off your big attacks, so don’t waste your nukes if she hasn’t moved in a while. As for the blood attack, she casts it quickly. However, you have space in the center to dodge. After the first one lands, run outward to avoid the rest of the attack.

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After about one-quarter of her health goes down each time, there will be some more clones that appear. Make sure to take these down as fast as you can or dodging all of the AOE attacks is going to be tough. Otherwise, look for windows and prepare for a long fight in the Diablo 4 Alcarnus Stronghold.

Alcarnus Stronghold Rewards in Diablo 4

Once I completed the stronghold, I received a Legendary Amulet as a reward, along with some heavy boots and the standard 300 Renown. In general, rewards are randomized, so they won’t always be the same. Legendaries will drop at a higher rate in these dungeons though.

With Alcarnus out of the way, it’s time to move on to the Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold for even more loot and renown in Diablo 4.

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