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Diablo 4: Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold – Location, How to Beat, Rewards

Only spirits remain here.

Compared to some of the other Strongholds in Diablo 4, the Omath’s Redoubt dungeon is fairly easy to complete, but some of the enemies and objectives can be a nuisance. I went to the redoubt myself and gathered all of the information you need so you can cruise through the stronghold even faster than I did on your character. Here’s our guide on the Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold in Diablo 4, including its location and rewards.

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Where to Find the Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold in Diablo 4

Omath’s Redoubt is located in the southern section of Kehjistan, which is the fourth major zone in Diablo 4. As one of the southernmost points in Kehjistan, you will have to go as far southwest as possible in Sanctuary to reach this stronghold, and it sits just below one of the PvP zones.

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The PvP zone Waypoint I used to reach the redoubt was Denshar, which is where many of the PvP vendors can be found in Kehjistan. Simply go south from this Waypoint and you can easily find Omath’s Redoubt. Then look toward the right side path outside of the stronghold and climb up the rocks to reach the inside of the compound.

How to Investigate Omath’s Redoubt in Diablo 4

When you enter the Omath’s Redoubt stronghold, you must search some of the corpses to uncover what really happened in the area. There was clearly a magical explosion, and as you investigate the area, plenty of angry spirits or skeletons will appear to offer up some resistance. I didn’t have much trouble with the enemies here and they were super easy to round up and dispatch with AOE.

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In total, there are three different corpses you must search to “investigate” Omath’s Redoubt. Each one will offer up a bit more of the story, and once all three are searched, you can head to the main statue in the center of the courtyard. Interact with the statue to see visions of the spirits in the past and begin the main boss battle.

How to Defeat High Priestess Hadar in Diablo 4

High Priestess Hadar only uses two major attacks during the boss fight. She will cast a few orbs at you from a distance and she will summon a line attack that causes some magical damage. For most of the fight, those are the only attacks you have to worry about, along with some small hits from a staff.

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However, High Priestess Hadar will also summon skeleton minions throughout the fine. Most of them are easy and I was able to take them out with a quick shadow imbument. They get tougher when they all start to carry shields, but after the skeletons are gone, the fight goes back to easy mode.

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You still have to get past all of the health that the boss has, which can take a while to burn past. Aside from having some tanky health, this high priestess isn’t very formidable, and you can easily clear Omath’s Redoubt in Diablo 4 with some simple moves.

Omath’s Redoubt Rewards in Diablo 4

When I completed Omath’s Redoubt, I earned a Legendary Ring and some chest pieces as a reward. However, the rewards are randomized each time. You have a higher chance of Legendary gear, but it’s not always guaranteed.

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