Diablo 4: Extracting Aspects Explained

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Aspect Extract Diablo 4
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Aspects are an important part of the Diablo 4 build process that can completely change the way a class performs. You can unlock them in dungeons, or you can extract Aspects for use on new equipment later on, and I’m here to explain exactly how you can pull this off for your own characters. Here’s how to extract aspects in Diablo 4.

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How to Extract Aspects in Diablo 4

To extract Aspects in Diablo 4, you must take them out of Legendary items using Occultist. The Occultist will destroy the item and give you the Aspect for your inventory. Occultists will have three main options, including Aspect Extraction, which is next to imprinting.

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All Legendary items in the game will have an Aspect tied to them, and much of the time, the ones you find out in Sanctuary are better than the ones from the Codex of Power. Choose the Legendary item you want to destroy and place it in the extraction tab. Then you can see the Aspect preview below it.

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When I extracted Aspects from Legendary Items at level 58, I had to spend 135,000 gold to destroy the item. That’s a hefty amount of gold if you choose to continue with tons of extractions, but it’s better than wasting materials. After you extract the Aspect, it will go into your inventory for use whenever you want to imprint a new item.

Where to Find the Occultist in Diablo 4

The Occultist I go to in Diablo 4 can be found in Cerrigar, which is the main town in Scosglen. However, any major town will have an Occultist that can perform the same functions. Any of them will work, but I like to visit the nicer-looking towns with plenty of green.

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While you are in town, you might also want to spend your obols with the Purveyor of Curiosity. Like the Occultists, they are tougher to find and hang around major towns. These vendors are a great way to increase that library of Legendary items to extract Aspects from in Diablo 4 as well.

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