Detective Pikachu Returns: How to Find the Long Tongue Pokemon (Quiz Professor)

No, it's not Kecleon.

Screenshot of the Quiz Professor in Detective Pikachu Returns.
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As you explore Ryme City Center in The Missing Jewel case in Detective Pikachu Returns, you’ll be approached by the Quiz Professor with a Local Concern. She wants you to answer three questions correctly, which also involves actually finding the right Pokemon. Here’s how to find the long tongue Pokemon for the Quiz Professor in Serenity Park in Detective Pikachu 2.

“What Pokemon Catches Prey With its Looong Tongue?” Answer in Detective Pikachu 2

While you may automatically think of Gen 3’s Kecleon or Gen 1’s Shellder, as I did, the answer is actually Lickitung. That’s right, they’re talking about the weird-named, bald, pink dude from Generation 1. That sounded weird.

But the verbal answer isn’t enough to satisfy the Quiz Professor: you need to find a Lickitung around Ryme City, specifically in Serenity Park.

Where to Find Lickitung in Detective Pikachu Returns

Lickitung is pretty simple to track down, largely because his big, pink body stands out like a sore thumb. Quite literally – he looks as if someone shut their thumb in a door. Tell me I’m wrong.

Anyway, to find Lickitung, head left of where the Quiz Professor is standing, where you’ll come across a set of curved stone steps. You’ll spot Lickitung at the bottom, next to its human partner.

Speak to it, and then return to the Quiz Professor. Give her the correct answer, which is obviously Lickitung, and you’ll progress on to question two, which asks you to find a Pokemon that “uses its cute looks to put you off your guard so it can steal from you?”

If you want to know the answer to that, head on over to our guide that tells you every Quiz Professor answer in The Missing Jewel in Detective Pikachu Returns.

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