Detective Pikachu Returns: All Quiz Professor Answers & Pokemon Locations in The Missing Jewel

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Screenshot of the Quiz Professor in Detective Pikachu Returns.
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During The Missing Jewel case in Detective Pikachu Returns, the Quiz Professor will appear in Serenity Park and ask you to answer three questions correctly as part of her Local Concern. Just telling her the answers isn’t enough, though – you must actually track down the right Pokemon! Here are all the Quiz Professor answers and Pokemon locations in The Missing Jewel in Detective Pikachu 2.

All Quiz Professor Answers and Exact Pokemon Locations in The Missing Jewel in Detective Pikachu 2

The Quiz Professor will ask you three questions, each one coming after the previous one is solved. You won’t be able to give her the answer until you’ve found the Pokemon she’s asking for around Ryme City:

Question #1: “What Pokemon Catches Prey With its Looong Tongue?” – Lickitung Location

The first question the Quiz Professor asks is, “What Pokemon catches prey with its looong tongue?” While you may think of Gen 3’s chameleon Pokemon Kecleon, it’s actually Lickitung.

To find Lickitung, head left of the Quiz Professor and down some curved stone steps. You’ll find a Lickitung at the bottom, standing next to its trainer. Speak to it, and Tim will say, “That’s a looong tongue. I’m amazed it stretches so far!”

Return to the Quiz Professor to complete her first question and receive the second one.

Question #2: “What Pokemon Uses Its Cute Looks to Put You Off Your Guard So It Can Steal From You?” – Purrloin Location

The next question is, “What Pokemon uses its cute looks to put you off your guard so it can steal from you?” The answer is none other than Gen 5’s Purrloin.

Purrloin is also found in Serenity Park. Go northwest from the Quiz Professor, where you’ll spy a Tsareena next to a concrete pond. To the left of the Tsareena is an old man sitting on a bench with his partner Pokemon, Purrloin.

Interact with the Purrloin, who will steal Tim’s pen, solidifying that this is the Pokemon you’re looking for. Case solved! Return to the Quiz Professor for the third and final question.

The final question the Quiz Professor asks you in The Missing Jewel case is, “Best buds always stick together – what Pokemon moves as a group?” It’s Falinks and is the easiest one to find. In fact, you can see Falinks from where the Quiz Professor is standing.

Look up the small set of stone stairs in front of the NPC and then to the right. You’ll see Falinks, which is a group of smaller Pokemon made up into one form, chilling on the paved area. Speak to it, then return to the Quiz Professor to finish her Local Concern.

Do You Get a Reward For Answering All the Quiz Professor’s Questions in The Missing Jewel?

Unfortunately, no. The only reward you get from answering the Quiz Professor’s questions in Serenity Park is the satisfaction that you know your stuff when it comes to Pokemon. There’s no physical reward whatsoever.

There are two other Local Concerns in The Missing Jewel Case in Detective Pikachu Returns. One has you finding a lost Lillipup, while the other involves tracking down a soccer Pokemon.

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