Detective Pikachu Returns: How to Find the Soccer Pokemon in The Missing Jewel

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Screenshot of the soccer Pokemon quest giver in Detective Pikachu Returns.
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As you roam Ryme City trying to figure out who stole the gemstone from Denis Mansion in The Missing Jewel case in Detective Pikachu Returns, you’ll come across a young boy in the plaza with a Local Concern side quest for you. He asks you to help him find “a Pokemon that can play soccer really well” to assist him in training. Here’s where to find the soccer Pokemon in Detective Pikachu 2.

How to Find the Soccer Pokemon in Detective Pikachu 2 – Exact Location

From the boy’s location, head right and leave the plaza to reach Denis Mansion. Instead of going inside the manor, though, continue right past the building’s gates, where you’ll come to a gate in the bottom right. It’s kind of hidden, so just go to the bottom right corner and walk to the right. Go through to enter Serenity Park.

Once inside, continue right until you come to a set of stone steps. Go up them, and you’ll find a Raboot playing with a soccer ball. Speak to it, and Detective Pikachu will note how he’s the perfect Pokemon for the young boy. Tim will go and fetch him, and the pair will hit it off instantly and become training buddies. Aw.

Do You Get a Reward for Finding the Soccer Pokemon?

Sadly, no, you don’t. Unless you count making a child happy as one, in which case, the reward is bountiful. Can’t beat putting a smile on a kid’s face! If you return to the plaza where you first met the boy, you’ll see them training together; it’s SO cute.

While there’s no physical benefit to completing the Local Concern, if you’re anything like me and want to complete literally everything, the emotional reward is more than enough.

Another Local Concern in The Missing Jewel is the lost Lillipup – here’s where to find it.

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